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The Shining MoonRO staff consists of many people who work on different aspects of the server, all with the same goal of making your experience on this server as pleasant as possible.


The administration team consist of the core members of the staff who works in many ways to improve the server. Below are the members of the administration team.

  • [GM] Lunar: Scripter, Developer, Owner, Administrator, you name it. [English/German]
  • [GM] Crescent: Wiki Contributor, Administrator in every right other than responsibility wise. [English/Swedish]

Game Masters

Game Masters (GMs) are the members of the staff who are in charge of several things, such as answering player questions, holding events, and enforcing server rules in-game. Each GM has a different specialization with their tasks, and you can check their Guild Title to see what it is. Below are the names of the Game Masters.

  • [GM] Arche - [English/Spanish] Support GM
  • [GM] Nuit - [English] Event/Support GM
  • [GM] Nurarihyon - [English] Support GM

Retired Staff

Gone, but not forgotten.

Retired Administrators
Retired Game Masters

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