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The Shining Moon Main Office is a special map that contains most of the important NPCs of Shining Moon, excluding essential ones and a few such as Rental NPC and Stylist, which can be found in Fortessas Town Square.

It is located in the building immediately south-west of the fountain in Fortessa.

First floor

  • All the NPCs on the first floor


Job Changer Elaine - Elaine takes care of any adventurer in need of advancing to the next class.


Daily Reward Officer - Daily Reward Officer gives you the daily login reward.


Belinda - Will reward you with 100 Moon Coins and an alternate outfit ticket for reaching base level 175 at 1x rates. 


Costume Maker Cherryl - Cherryl can make any headgear you have into a costume, but it will lose the stats it has and cannot be enchanted.



Quest Master Nurah - Nurah has the option of finishing quests in order to make a headgear/costume you would like to have. Nurah will also provide you with certain pets after you finish a short quest.



Build Manager Stella - Stella will take care of you when you want to save a certain build, and also load it if you do not want to put your stats/skills all over again. Stella can save up to 3 different builds for you.


Reset Girl - Reset Girl is there for you when you are in need of resetting stats/and or skills.


Platinum Skill NPC - Platinum Skill NPC will give you any platinum skills such as Holy Light for Priest or Change Cart 2 for Blacksmith/Alchemist.


Feel Resetter - Feel Resetter can reset your Hatred or Feeling designated to monsters/maps.


Raffam Oranpere - Master of the Sword Clan.


Shaam Rumi - Master of the Crossbow Clan.


Berman Aire - Master of the Golden Mace Clan.


Devon Aire - Master of the Arc Wand Clan.


Class Master Brutus Here you can reset your class, or purchase your 2nd or 3rd class. A Letter from Brutus will unlock your 3rd class without needing to pay the fee.


Storage Master - Storage Master lets you rename your storages and also lets you learn the skill Call Storage in exchange for 100 Kafra Cards. (This skill is account-wide and lets you open your storage anywhere.)


Item Xchanger - If you find that you have items that do not belong on the Helheim server, this npc will help you exchange them.
  • Mission Expert Eggbert - Eggbert takes care of missions. He can give you 3 hunting missions at the same time.

This is limited to once per day/account and all mission points are shared over one account.


Master of Evolutions - Master of Evolutions can help you start or stop evolving a weapon, and lets you exchange 10 vicious emblem to one vicious reset or 3 vicious emblems + 1 vicious weapon to 1 reset.

Second Floor

  • All the NPCs on the first floor


Bank Manager - Will help you transfer Cash Points (CP) between the Niflheim and Helheim servers.
  • Wise Old Woman - This wise old woman will let you decard your equipment against a fee. It will cost you 1 Yellow Gemstone, 1 Star Crumb and 250,000 Zeny per card.
  • Local Exchanger Pherryl - Pherryl lets you exchange 1 Moon Coin into 100 Cash Points or 12 Moonlight Coins into 100 Cash Points.

He also lets you exchange 100 Cash Points into 1 Moon Coin.

  • Voting Manager Lucretia - Lucretia lets you trade in your Voting Scrolls for items such as usable items or headgears.
  • Loyalist Hanna - Hanna lets you exchange Loyalty Certificates for items such as HE Bubble Gum, HE Battle Manual or headgears.

The Loyalty Certificates you get by checking in daily at Daily Reward Officer

  • Monster Hunter Allen - Allen lets you exchange Monster Hunter Coins for equips such as Adventurer's Backpack or Evil Dragon Armor.

The Monster Hunter Coins you can get from doing monster hunting achievements

  • Item Collector Jason - Jason takes care of the delivery achievements found under "Monster Hunts - Custom".
  • Instance Points - Instance Points NPC exchanges your instances points into usable items or headgears.

Instance Points are earned by doing certain instances and they will accumulate per instance you do. You can find out which instances gives points by visiting Instance Points

  • Weapon Merchant - Weapon Merchant has a range of basic weapons available for you to purchase.
  • Armor Merchant - Armor Merchant has a range of basic armors available for you to purchase.
  • Other - Other has a range of basic clothes and shoes, and also hats and glasses available for you to purchase.

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