Illusion Dungeons

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Illusion Dungeons are mysterious new areas that mimics old existing dungeons in Ragnarok Online. These additions to Shining Moon RO are based on kRO's official Illusion Dungeons, but might be slightly altered in terms of spawn and respawn rates. These will be adjusted as more official information are available.


You can obtain special equipment from monsters as well as from doing exchanges with the Illusion Manager. Illusion Dungeons acts exactly like any other non-instanced dungeon in Ragnarok Online.

To enter these dungeons, talk to the Warper located in any town.
Note that each Illusion Dungeon has its own minimum level requirement to enter.

Illusion Manager


A mysterious wandering Clown that has made his way into the Shining Moon Main Office. Wise and with an air of experience around him yet seemingly ageless, nobody knows for certain where he came from and what exactly are his purposes coming to the office. One thing for sure, he seems to be well versed on everything regarding the peculiar Illusion Dungeons that had popped up all over Midgard. Rumour has it that he sends brave individuals he acknowledges on whimsical adventures into the depths of these territories and has the ability to imbue certain equipments with untold abilities originating from these "Illusions".

This NPC is located in the Main Office (@go office).

The NPC contains all repeatable daily quests and all Illusion equipment exchanges. More information can be found in each respective Illusion Dungeon pages.

Note: All Daily quests reset automatically at 04:00 servertime.

Illusion Enchants

Enchanting requires 5x Illusion Stone per enchant. Enchanting have a 100% chance for success.

List of Armor Enchants

Armor e.png

List of Accessory Enchants

Acc 1.png

List of Weapon Enchants

Only Weapon Level 3 Illusion Weapons may be enchanted. You can select the category.

Weapon 1.png

Weapon 2.png

Weapon 3.png

List of Illusion Dungeons

Illusion of Moonlight

Illusion of Moonlight Slider.png

Required Level: 99+

Illusion of Vampire

Illusion of Vampire Slider.png

Required Level: 100+

Illusion of Frozen

Illusion of Frozen Slider.png

Required Level: 120+

Illusion of Abyss

Illusion of Abyss - Turtle Island Slider.png

Required Level: 120+

Illusion of Luanda

Illusion of Luanda.png

Required Level: 130+

Illusion of Under Water

Illusion of Abyss - Underwater.png

Required Level: 130+

Illusion of Luanda

Illusion of Teddy Bear.png

Required Level: 140+

Illusion of Labyrinth

Illusion of Labyrinth.png

Required Level: 150+