Equipment Guides

From Helheim

Due to the large amount of available equipments and gears from multiple official servers, it is recommended that players make use of the @ii and @ii2 command ingame in order to view the descriptions of items.

Starter Equipment

  • Eden Group Equipment
    Generally the best choice for characters below level 99. Most of these equipment are top-tier for the low level range, and the quests are very easy to do.
  • Rental Weapons
    Several rental weapons are provided to all characters. These weapons should help players when starting out and lasts long enough for them to establish themselves. However, not all classes can benefit from these weapons.

Mid-game Equipment

  • Advanced Weapon Box
    The contents of Advanced Weapon Box and High Weapon Box had been improved with a lot of the less desirable weapons removed, reduced in rates, or replaced with their additional slotted versions; and having newer better weapons added including the likes of jRO socket enchanted items.
  • Airship Assault
    An instance available for level 125 and above adventurer, containing monsters which frequently drop parts of the Airship Equipment Set. This set boosts various substats, including MaxHP/SP, Variable Cast Reduction, ASPD, and even adds Neutral Resistance. A potentially stronger equipment set may be obtained from the MVP.
  • Custom Headgear Quests
    While most of them are for vanity purposes, certain items like Rideword Hat[1] and Gangster Scarf are worth crafting for their functional qualities.
  • Doram Equipment Exchange
    The Chiara siblings in Lasagna accept Doram-exclusive weapons and armors, and exchange them into Doram Tokens. Doram Tokens can be exchanged into Doram-exclusive accessories, and can be used to upgrade some of those accessories.
  • Faceworm Skins
    These all-purpose garments are obtainable by doing the Faceworm's Nest Instance. Each Instance rewards with several Skins, with a randomised refinement rate and enchantments. The faster your party clears the instance, the better the refinement and enchantments will be.
  • Geffen Magic Tournament
    The 1v1 tournament style solo instance provides a means for players to obtain several strong anti-magic equipments.
  • Ghost Palace
    A highly recommended solo Instance for all classes available from level 120. The Gray Shards obtained in the instance can be exchanged for various Thanatos Weapons which have high ATK and MATK values and provides HP and SP leeching, as well as Gray Armor which gives decent DEF along with Holy and Neutral Resistances.
  • Jewelry Box
    The contents of Jewelry Boxes have been improved akin to the weapon boxes. They now contain better accessories including instance accessories, slotted Stat Gloves and many more. Successfully completing the Endless Cellar instance awards every party members with a Jewelry Box.
  • Mora Equipment
    Mora Village offers the famous White Wing Set for Rangers, as well as equipment choices for Rune Knights, Warlocks, Guillotines Cross, and Arch Bishops. Players must be at least level 99 and finish the Hazy Forest Instance to participate in the Mora Daily Quests, which rewards Mora Coins used to purchase and enchant these equipments.
  • Socket Enchant
    The socket enchanter NPCs are capable of further improving a wide range of equipments, from mid-tier gears to end-game fares. Shining Moon RO also houses the NPC Clover, which provides an extensive list of new socket enchants available only in jRO who's capable of adding sockets to powerful armors such as the Morrigane's Set and Morpheus' Set, as well as weapons such as Byeollungum and Battle Hook.
  • Stat Gloves
    Useful accessories with various properties relating to a certain stat. The Splendide Coins used to buy and socket these gloves can be collected through various quests and daily quests in Splendide, Eclage, and Midgard Expedition Camp. The slotted versions can also be obtained by opening Jewelry Boxes.

End-game Equipment

  • Banquet for Heroes
    The Room of Consciousness instance awards players with Honor Tokens that can be exchanged for powerful enchantable robes and other equipments through the Instance Manager NPC.
  • Biolab Gears
    The Bio Lab Dungeon in Lighthalzen remains known as one of the hardest contents of Ragnarok Online, especially for newcomers. With the addition of the fourth floor, this dungeon offers various extremely valuable Weapons and Equipment; all of them enchantable using certain materials from the dungeon itself. These equipment may also be obtained through the Wolchevs' Laboratory instance.
  • Charleston Crisis
    This Instance located in Verus offers very unique equipment and weapons mostly exclusive to the Mechanic class, as well as several weapons useful for other classes as well.
  • Crimson Weapons
    Special weapons that improves along with the player's level. They also gain even more ATK and/or MATK compared to other weapons through refines, with melee Crimson weapons even coming enchanted with a random elemental property.
  • Custom Headgear Drops
    Certain MVP monsters had been given new headgear drops in their drop tables.
  • Essences of Evil
    These special enchantments act similarly to monster cards. However, they can be enchanted to any equipment with card sockets regardless of the equipment type. They are acquired from the Temple of the Demon God Instance, which requires the player to have first completed Bios Island and Morse's Cave.
  • Fallen Angel Wings
    Fallen Angel Wings are special garments that can be customized with a wide range of enchantments. These wings should be standard fare for most the end-game in most builds, unless more specialized gears are needed.
  • Fortessa Dungeon
    A custom dungeon housing the prisoners of the Holy Order of Fortessa. The dungeon itself is reminiscent of Bio Lab monsters, with deeper levels getting progressively more difficult. Unique and powerful gears can be obtained from the dungeon.
  • Fortessa Pit
    A custom dungeon housing the evil spirits of the Dark Order of Fortessa. The dungeon itself includes custom mobs, with deeper levels getting progressively more difficult. Unique and powerful consumables and gears can be obtained from the dungeon.
  • Heroic Equipment
    These equipment are acquired from the Bios Island and Morse's Cave instances, which requires a minimum level of 160. Some of these armors are potential Best-in-slot pieces for the relevant classes.
  • Illusion Equipment
    OS Weapons and Illusion Equipment are powerful equipment introduced in episode 17.1. They can be obtained through trading in Cor Cor, Unknown Parts and Broken Weapons, obtained through doing instances, daily quests and from Fortessa Dungeon and Pit.
  • Malangdo Enchants
    A huge list of enchantable weapons. The currency is Malangdo Coins. It's recommended to use A coins for enchanting. No chance to break the weapon and the stat is resettable. The fastest way to get them is doing Malangdo Culvert in hard mode and Octopus Cave. Both requires Silvervine Fruit to enter.
  • Nightmare Biolabs Gears
    An even more dangerous level deep within the Lighthalzen Bio Labs. The Nightmare floor brings with it new class specific headgears that are capable to greatly improve certain skills for their respective 3rd Classes. The Cloak of Casualty is also a hard to get garment worthy of being worn by the strong, given enough investments are made for it.
  • Nightmarish Jitterbug
    This Instance contains some equipment made specifically for the Archer class, as well as two very special accessories which can be combined into one.
  • Racing Caps
    The Racing Caps are obtainable by exchanging Racing Thank Tickets from the Hugel Monster Race minigame. Each are exclusive to a specific class and can be further strengthened with various enchantments, including certain class-exclusive enchantments.
  • Sarah and Fenrir
    The Sarah and Fenrir instance provides players with the opportunity to obtain Sarah's Left and Right Earrings that can be enchanted with a wide range of benefits. It is also the only source of Sarah's Combat Robe that may be further enhanced into an Upgraded Sarah's Combat Robe, which strong in its own rights but can also be enchanted with the Runaway Magic special enchant.
  • Temporal Boots
    These boots are obtainable by exchanging materials from the Old Glast Heim Instance. The upgraded versions give significant boosts according to the relevant stats. They can be further strengthened through 5 tiers of enchantment, and pairs with Faceworm Skins for additional bonuses.
  • Vicious Weapons
    Highly volatile weapons obtained from monsters in the Sky Fortress instance. These weapons comes pre-enchanted with 3 different random options, and ranges in strength from trashes to the most amazing weapon you can wear depending on the enchants it has. The Vicious Mind weapons in Shining Moon RO had been updated with the most recent random option listings, as well as the capability to re-roll the random options through a custom item (Vicious Reset).
  • World Boss
    These specially spawned raid-esque bosses awards all participant with some reward boxes unique to each boss. These boxes may contain powerful end-game items from kRO that are unobtainable anywhere else ingame.

Miscellaneous & Vanity

  • Alternative Sprites
    By buying the alternative sprite, you can change your characters outfit. It can also drop from Realm of Chronos which is a custom instance you can end up in by chance when you use Chrono Trigger, and from World Drops.
  • Costume Headgears
    Most of the costume headgears obtained ingame can be enchanted to provide a slew of benefits to the wearer. They add a literal meaning to the phrase "dressed to kill".
  • Custom Headgear Quests
    A list of all custom quests for Shining Moon's headgears.
  • Costume Enchants
    Costumes can be enchanted with either costume enchant stones or class enchant stones. These stones have been modified to work like cards, only one enchant stone can be socketed at a time. Using a stone on a costume that already has one, will replace the old one.
  • Shadow Equipment
    Shadow Equipment are special pieces of equipment that are worn under the Costume Tab of the equip window. These may provide a wide range of subtle yet impactful benefits to the wearer.