Basic Information

  • Basic Rates
  • Base EXP: 1-100 (Set your own!)
  • Job EXP: 1-100 (Set your own!)
  • Quest EXP: 1-100 (Set your own!)
  • Adjusting your own EXP rate to what you wish to use, not what the server forces you to use.

Costume Preview

  • Total Costumes 619
Costume 12 Anniversary Elf Ears
Costume 12th Anniversary Crown
Costume 15th Anniversary Wing
Costume Adventurer's Hat
Costume Aerial
Costume AFK Hat
Costume Alchemist Bag
Costume Alice Wig Peach
Costume Always Watching
Costume Amistr
Costume Amistr Beret
Costume Analyze Eye
Costume Ancient Dragon Coronet Purple
Costume Ancient Horns
Costume Angel Fluttering
Costume Angel Wing
Costume Antique Pipe
Costume Anubis Helm
Costume Arabian Veil
Costume Army Cap
Costume Ascension Black Dragon
Costume Assassin Mask
Costume Ati Atihan
Costume Aura Quartz
Costume Autumn Leaves
Costume Ayothaya Hat
Costume Baby Leopard Cat
Costume Baby Panda
Costume Baby Penguin
Costume Banshee Master Kiss
Costume Bao Bao
Costume Baron's Evil Eye
Costume Barrel Helm
Costume Bat Stole
Costume Bear
Costume Beer Hat
Costume Bell Ribbon
Costume Big Hibiscus
Costume Big Ribbon
Costume Binoculars
Costume Black Angel Mini Silk Hat
Costume Black Cat
Costume Black Cat Ears
Costume Black Cat Ears Beret
Costume Black Cat Hat
Costume Black Devil Mask
Costume Black Fluttering Butterfly
Costume Black Fox Ears Ribbon
Costume Black Glasses
Costume Black Magenta Ribbon
Costume Black Rabbit Bonnet
Costume Black Ramen Hat
Costume Black Shiba Inu Hat
Costume Black Snake Scarf
Costume Black Wing Ears Lower
Costume Black Witch Hat
Costume Black Witch Hat
Costume Blanc Neige Prince
Costume Blazing Sun
Costume Blessing of Angel
Costume Blinker
Costume Blinking Eyes
Costume Blinking Thin Eyes
Costume Bloom Hairpin
Costume Blowing Scattered Sakura
Costume Blue Frill Ribbon
Costume Blue Fur Hat
Costume Blue Headdress
Costume Blue Mouton Life
Costume Blue Rear Ribbon
Costume Blue Ribbon
Costume Blue Rose Eyepatch
Costume Blush
Costume Bomb Wick
Costume Bongun Hat
Costume Book of Magic
Costume Bouncing Hair Blue
Costume Bouncing Hair Crimson
Costume Bouncing Hair Green
Costume Bouncing Hair Purple
Costume Bouncing Hair White
Costume Bouncing Hair Yellow
Costume Bragi Wing Ears
Costume Bright Wig
Costume Brown Deviruchi Cap
Costume Brown Stole
Costume Bubble Gum in Mouth
Costume Bucket Hat
Costume Bunny Ears of Minnie Doe Alma
Costume Bunny Eggshell
Costume Bunny Headress
Costume Bunny Ribbon Hat
Costume Burning Sun Lower
Costume Butterfly Wing Ears
Costume Camellia Hair Pin
Costume Campus Festival
Costume Candy Cane In Mouth
Costume Captain Hat
Costume Carmen Miranda's Hat
Costume Cat Coffee Cup
Costume Cat Ears
Costume Cat Hat
Costume Cat in Mouth
Costume Cat Santa Hat
Costume Catharina Von Brad 60th
Costume Cats Mouth
Costume CD in Mouth
Costume Celestial Circle
Costume Celestial Hat
Costume Chain Puppet
Costume Charleston Antenna
Costume Charlies Beard
Costume Charlies Hat
Costume Charming Ribbon
Costume Cheering Whistle
Costume Cheks Bandana
Costume Cheshire's Cat Ears
Costume Chicken Hat
Costume Chilly Breath
Costume Choco Donut in Mouth
Costume Christmas Wreath
Costume Chung e Shinyon Cap
Costume Chung Hairpin
Costume Circlet
Costume Classical Ribbon
Costume Clay Poring Jar
Costume Clear Sun
Costume Clock Casket
Costume Clock Casque(Red)
Costume Clock Tower Manager
Costume Clown Nose
Costume Coiledup Snake Hat
Costume Colorful Dancing Octopus
Costume Cons of Earth
Costume Cons of Wind
Costume Cookie Hat
Costume Cow Hat 1
Costume Cow Hat 2
Costume Cowlick Black Mid
Costume Cowlick Red Mid
Costume Crescent Moon Helm
Costume Crimson Booster
Costume Crow
Costume Crown
Costume Crown of Ancient King Purple
Costume Cube Mask
Costume Cute Poring Earmuffs
Costume Cyber Cat Ear Headphone(Red)
Costume Cyber Income
Costume Dark Knight Mask
Costume Dark Snake Lord Hat
Costume Darkness Helm
Costume Desert Wolf Baby
Costume Detective Hat
Costume Devil Whisper
Costume Deviruchi Headphone
Costume Devoted Eyes
Costume Dice Hairband
Costume Dog Officer
Costume Dokebi Hat
Costume Dokkebi Mask
Costume Dolor Thanatos
Costume Dolor Thanatos Mask
Costume Donut in Mouth
Costume Dragon Helm
Costume Dragon Helm Copper
Costume Dragon Skull Hat
Costume Dragon Turtle Hat
Costume Drooping Dorasuke
Costume Drooping Eddga
Costume Drooping Gunslinger
Costume Drooping Heinrich
Costume Drooping Kiehl
Costume Drooping Panda
Costume Ear Muffs
Costume Egg Crispinette
Costume Eight Purgatory Wings
Costume Elder Crown
Costume Eleanor Wig
Costume Eleanor Wig(Yellow)
Costume Elemental Crown
Costume Elephangel
Costume Elephant Hat
Costume Elf Ears
Costume Elf Hair(Gold)
Costume Eremes Guiles Scarf Black
Costume Eremes Guiles Scarf Black
Costume Eremes Scarf
Costume Eremes Scarf(Blue)
Costume Evil Druid Hat
Costume Evil Marcher Hat
Costume Evil Wing Ear
Costume Evolved Blue Fish
Costume Executioner Hood
Costume Exploding Crimson Flame
Costume Explosion gum
Costume Eye Bandage
Costume Eyepatch of Peace
Costume Eyepatch of Prosperity
Costume Eyes Of Ifrit
Costume Face Crusher
Costume Fairy Feathers
Costume Fairy Long Hair (Silver)
Costume Fallen Angel Lost
Costume Fallen Angel Valletta
Costume Falling Maple Leafs
Costume False Ears
Costume Fan in Mouth
Costume Feather Beret
Costume Feather Bonnet
Costume Feeling Love
Costume Filir Wings
Costume Fillet
Costume Fire Muffler
Costume Firinto Scarf
Costume Floating Ice
Costume Floating Stone of Sage
Costume Floating Yin-Yang
Costume Flower Hairpin
Costume Flower Summer Hat
Costume Flowerpot Mask
Costume Fluffy Angel Cape
Costume Fluffy Heart Earmuffs
Costume Fluffy Semi Long
Costume Fluttering Butterfly
Costume Flying Angel
Costume Flying Drone
Costume Flying Galapago
Costume Forest Guide
Costume Fox
Costume Fox Hair
Costume Frog Cap
Costume Frog King Hat
Costume Fruit of Love
Costume Full Blossom Sakura Hairpin Blue
Costume Galanthus Guard
Costume Galapago Cap
Costume Gambler Seal
Costume Gang Scarf
Costume Gas Mask
Costume Geisha Make Up
Costume GeminiS58 Eyes Blue
Costume GeminiS58 Eyes Red
Costume Gemmed Sallet
Costume Ghost Bandana
Costume Ghost Holiday
Costume Gift of Snow
Costume Glasses Without Lens
Costume God's Helm
Costume Gold Spirit Chain
Costume Golden Gear
Costume Golden Majestic Goat
Costume Golden Poring Hat
Costume Good Wedding Veil
Costume Googles
Costume Grade 12 Balloon
Costume Grade 6 Balloon
Costume Gram Peony
Costume Grand Circlet
Costume Green Feeler
Costume Green Hat
Costume Grim Reaper Protection
Costume Gryphon Hat
Costume Gryphon Wing Ears
Costume Hair Band
Costume Hair Bun Crimson
Costume Hair Bun Green
Costume Hair Bun Purple
Costume Hair Bun White
Costume Hanging Black Lunatic Ears
Costume Happy Lunatic Hanging Ear
Costume Happy Pierrot Mask
Costume Hat of Dumpty Alma
Costume Hatta Black
Costume Heart Cat
Costume Heart Hairpin
Costume Hibiscus
Costume Hill Wind Mask
Costume Holy Klobuk
Costume Home Cherry Blossom
Costume Honeybee Hat
Costume Hoplite Helmet
Costume Hopping Rabbit
Costume Horse Hairpin
Costume Horse Hairpin
Costume Horse King
Costume Humming Bird
Costume Hunter Hat
Costume Hunting Cap Of Gust
Costume Husky Hat
Costume Ice Wing Ear
Costume Ifrit Ear
Costume Ifrits Breath
Costume Ignis Cap
Costume Imp Hat
Costume Incubus Horn
Costume Invisible Cap
Costume Jack A Dandy
Costume Jitterbug Cap
Costume Joystick Hat
Costume Khalitzburg Knight Helm
Costume King Sura Headband
Costume Kishu Inu
Costume Kitsune Mask
Costume Kururinpa Hair
Costume Lady's Feather Hat
Costume Large Ribbon Muffler
Costume Large Ribbon Muffler(Black)
Costume Large Ribbon Muffler(Red)
Costume Large Sorcerer Crown
Costume Lazy Cat
Costume Leopard Ear Hat
Costume Let It Snow
Costume Light Darkness Crown
Costume Lion Mask
Costume Little Aquarium
Costume Little Garden
Costume Ljosalfar
Costume Lolita Two Side Up
Costume Long Pony Blue
Costume Long Pony Purple
Costume Long Pony Red
Costume Long Twin Yellow
Costume Long Twin Yellow
Costume Long Twin Yellow
Costume Long Twin Yellow
Costume Loose Wave Twin Black Mid
Costume Louise Red Hat
Costume Love Cheeks
Costume Love Chick Hat
Costume Love Fragment
Costume Love Rabbit Hood
Costume Love Rabbit Hood Upper
Costume Lovely Heart Cap
Costume Lovely Ribbon Hair
Costume Low Pony Black
Costume Low Pony Purple
Costume Low Pony Yellow
Costume Loyal Servant of Devil Morocc
Costume Lucky Clover
Costume Lunatic Shawl
Costume Luxury Mini Crown
Costume Mad Hatter
Costume Mage Decoration
Costume Magic Eyes
Costume Magical Booster
Costume Magical Feather
Costume Magician Hat
Costume Magician Hat Blue
Costume Magician White Hat
Costume Magni's Cap
Costume Majestic Devil Horns
Costume Man's Medal
Costume Marcher Hat
Costume Marin Earrings
Costume Marin Hat
Costume Marionette Doll
Costume Masquerade
Costume Master of Flames
Costume Mechanical Feather Hairband
Costume Medium Wave Hair
Costume Mermaid Headphone
Costume Mermaid Longing
Costume Mermaid Wig
Costume Mini Crown
Costume Miracle Blue Rose
Costume Miracle Plant
Costume Misty Ears
Costume Miyabi Long Hair
Costume Mob Scarf
Costume Mobile Pursuit System
Costume Model Training Hat
Costume Monk Hat
Costume Mono Gothic Bonnet
Costume Monochrome Ribbon Hat
Costume Monocle
Costume Moonlight Flower Hat
Costume Mouse Hat 1
Costume Mouse Hat 5
Costume Mouton Life
Costume Musketeer Hat
Costume MVP
Costume Mystic Eye
Costume Mythlit Hat
Costume Necklace Rosary
Costume Nekomimi Cyber Headphone
Costume Niffleheim Bunny Hat
Costume Nurse Cap
Costume Nydhoggur Wig White
Costume Observer
Costume Odium Thanatos Mask
Costume Open Air Headset
Costume Orange Rabbit
Costume Orange Tabby Cat
Costume Pale Yellow Ribbon
Costume Panda Rabbit
Costume Penguin Cap
Costume Penguin Cap Blue
Costume Peony Hair Ornament
Costume Persika
Costume Phalanx
Costume Piamette Bowtie
Costume Piamette Roll Hair
Costume Picky Egg Shell
Costume Picnic Basket
Costume Pig MoneyBox
Costume Pigeon On Shoulder
Costume Piggyback
Costume Pinwheel Hat
Costume Poker Face
Costume Poporing Cap
Costume Poring Beret
Costume Poring Fedora Hat
Costume Poring Hat
Costume Poring Letter
Costume Poring Muffler
Costume Poring Pirate Hat
Costume Poring Soap Pipe
Costume Prayer Cherry Blossom
Costume Pretty Bear
Costume Pretty White Bear
Costume Princess Ribbon Crown
Costume Protect Feathers
Costume Protection Cloth
Costume Pumpkin Toque
Costume Pumpkin-Head
Costume Puppy Love
Costume Quati Hat
Costume Queen Anne's Revenge
Costume Rabbit Knit Hat
Costume Radio Antenna
Costume Rain Cloud
Costume Rainbow
Costume Rainbow Ears Feather
Costume Rainbow Veil
Costume Raspberry Mousse Hat
Costume Red Baby Dragon Hat
Costume Red Bandana
Costume Red Bonnet
Costume Red Cat Ears Cape
Costume Red Glasses
Costume Red Hare Hat
Costume Red Ribbon
Costume Red Riding Hood
Costume Red Strong Hair
Costume Red Tailed Ribbon
Costume Red Wing Hat
Costume Refined Corsair
Costume Requiem Crown of Light and Dark
Costume Rinzu Helmet
Costume RO Celebration Hat
Costume Roll Twin Green
Costume Roll Twin Purple
Costume Romantic White Flower
Costume Rose Cascade
Costume Rose Headband
Costume Royal Mantle
Costume Royal Rabbit Crown
Costume Rune Hairband
Costume RWC2013 Japan Hat
Costume Sacred Torch Coronet
Costume Sakkat
Costume Sakura Coronet
Costume Sakura Hat
Costume Satellite Hairband
Costume Savage Babe Hat
Costume Scarlet Rose
Costume Scratching Cat
Costume Screw stuck in head
Costume Scroll of Tengu
Costume Sea Otter Hat
Costume Secret Zipper
Costume Sepia Cap
Costume Sepia Parade Hat
Costume Seraphim Coronet
Costume Shaman Hair Ornament
Costume Shaving Foam
Costume Sheep Horns
Costume Shiba Inu
Costume Shih Tzu Hair
Costume Shining Santa Poring
Costume Ship Captain Hat
Costume Side Cap
Costume Side Pigtail Black
Costume Side Pigtail Blue
Costume Side Pigtail Brown
Costume Side Pigtail Green
Costume Side Pigtail Yellow
Costume Sigrun Wing
Costume Silver Sniper Doll
Costume Sinsuncho Hat
Costume Siorava Hat
Costume Sitting Pope
Costume Skull Hood
Costume Sky of Memory
Costume Sleeper Hat
Costume Sleepy Sheeps
Costume Small Golden Wings
Costume Small Porings Headband
Costume Small Ribbons
Costume Smiling Eyes
Costume Snow Bear Hood
Costume Snowflake on Head
Costume Snowman Hat
Costume Snownow Hat
Costume Soldier Hat
Costume Sorcerer Hood
Costume Soulless Wing
Costume Southern Cross
Costume Sparkling Sound
Costume Spell Circuit
Costume Spiky Band
Costume Spirit Of Chung E
Costume Squirrel Ear Hat
Costume St Patrick's Hat
Costume Stall of Angel
Costume Stall Of Dominions
Costume Star Reading Hat
Costume Steampunk Hat
Costume Stings Silk Ribbon
Costume Stop Post
Costume Straight Long ( Red )
Costume Straight Long White
Costume Straight Long Yellow
Costume Straight Pony Black Mid
Costume Straight Pony Blue
Costume Straight Pony Crimson
Costume Straight Pony Green
Costume Straight Pony Yellow
Costume Striped Hairband
Costume Succubus Horn
Costume Sunday Hat
Costume Super Cute Dog
Costume Super Novice Hat
Costume Surprised Mask
Costume Survival Circlet
Costume Survive Orb
Costume Sweet Chocolate Hat
Costume Sweet Corone
Costume Taini Hat
Costume Taini Hat Blue
Costume Taini Hat Orange
Costume Takius Blindfold
Costume Talkative Parrot
Costume Tamamo Loa's Fox Ears
Costume Tare Neko Cru
Costume Teddy Bear Hood
Costume Teddybear Hat
Costume Thanatos Despero Mask
Costume Theater Prop
Costume There is...Something...
Costume Thunderstorm Cloud
Costume Tiger Face
Costume Tipsy
Costume Tiraya Bonnet
Costume Tomboy Fairy
Costume Tone of Gold
Costume Toucan Hat
Costume Turban
Costume Twin Cannon
Costume Twin Margaret
Costume Twinkling Red Eyes
Costume Two Tone Beret
Costume Umbala Spirit
Costume Under Lamp
Costume Under Rim Glasses
Costume Unicorn Horn
Costume Universe
Costume Valhalla Idol
Costume Valkyrie Circlet
Costume Valkyrie Feather Band
Costume Vanargand Helm
Costume Variant Veil
Costume Very Cute Doll Hat
Costume Vesper Headgear
Costume Vicious Mind Aura Mid
Costume Vicious Mind Aura(Crimson)
Costume Virgo Crown
Costume Volume Fhat
Costume Volume Low Twin
Costume Wanderer's Sakkat
Costume Wandering Minstrel Hat
Costume Wandering Wolf Hat
Costume Warm Cat Muffler
Costume Warm Cat Muffler Blue
Costume Water Spellcaster
Costume Watermelon Hat
Costume Watery Eyes
Costume Well-Chewed Pencil
Costume Western Grace
Costume Whisper Mask Upper
Costume Whisper Tall Hat
Costume White and Black Temptation
Costume White Baby Cat Ears
Costume White Bird Rose
Costume White Cat
Costume White Cat Ears Hat
Costume White Fox Ear Ribbon
Costume White Lily
Costume White Rabbit
Costume White Rabbit Headband
Costume White Ribbon
Costume White Snake Hat
Costume Wickebine's Black Cat Ears
Costume Wild Cat Knit Cap
Costume Wild Poring Rider
Costume Wind Milestone
Costume Wind Prairie
Costume Wing Angels Ears
Costume Wings of Wind
Costume Witch's Hat
Costume Wizard Hat
Costume Wolf Masquerade
Costume Worg In Mouth
Costume Yao Jun
Costume Yellow Ribbon
Costume You in ONE
Costume Zilant Necklace
Costume Zorro Mask
Name Mob id

Server Differences

Features Helheim Niflheim
World Boss
World Drops
Baby QoL Changes
Monster Hunter
Lucky 3 Slotmachine
Advanced Drop System
Advanced EXP System
Shadow Equipment
Realm of Chronos
Instance UI & Manager
Class Mastery
Class Mastery (Inside Instances)
Official Costumes (Dropped from Monsters)
Custom Costumes (Dropped from Monsters)
Custom Stats (Enchants etc.)
Item Progression (kRO Only)
Item Progression (kRO + jRO + iRO)
Weapon Evolution
Halved Delay After Skill
Limited Ores for Refinement
Official Refine Chances
Soul System
Magical Crit
Eden Headquarter (Gramps)

Implementation Timeline

Implementation Timeline

17th of September 2019

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Mass Skill Rebalance

8th of August 2020

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Booster Event

16th of May 2020

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Episode 17.2

31st of January 2020

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Edda Biolab

19th of January 2020

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Illusion of Underwater

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Player Commands


Warps to the specified map, on fixed coordinates.

The command can only warp to maps specified in a list of possible maps by Lunar.

This is a custom change to the command, however it imitates the official behaviour of the World Map - Teleportation.

Usage: @warp prt_fild01 / @warp anthell01

Note: CANNOT warp you to a random or specific cell here. Only fixed coordinates given by the server.

@leaveclan, @wiki, @bgm, @request, @commands, @jailtime, @time, @uptime, @myinfo, @help

These commands contain mostly information.


Leaves the current clan youre in.


@wiki society - Opens the page to Society Raid and Information

@wiki wb - Opens the page to World Boss

@wiki fortessa - Opens the page to Fortessa Dungeon

@wiki shadow - Opens the page to Shadow Equipment

@wiki lucky - Opens the page to Lucky 3 Slotmachine

@wiki daily - Opens the page to Daily Checkin

@wiki headgears - Opens the page to Costume Droplist

@wiki weekly - Opens the page to Weekly Quest

@wiki baby - Opens the page to Baby Page

@wiki hunter - Opens the page to Monster Hunter

@wiki leveling - Opens the page to the Leveling Guide

@wiki theore - Opens the page to wiki page of Theores Request


Sends a message to all GM's online.


Displays all possible commands.


If youre jailed, it will display the time until you will be automatically unjailed.


Displays the current Server Time.


Displays the time the server has been up since a restart.


Displays some information about your character.


Some useful information.

Note: Dueling does not use the damage reduction of our PvP/WoE maps.

@bgm, @camerainfo, @classchange, @babyme, @countdown, @clearhotkeys

These commands are all about events.


Plays the requested BGM on your character.


Removes all hotkeys saved.


Adjusts your camera to the preferred view instantly.

@classchange 1-4

Switches your class to the specified number. 4 is a menu.


Changes you to a baby class if you're below lvl 10.



0 = self

1 = party

2 = guild

Note: Only party and guild leaders can use it.

!ping, !vsync

These are Gepard Shield v3.0 commands.


Sends a number of pings to the server through Gepard Shield and records the reponses to display your ping.


Deactivates or Activates your Vertical Sync.

The only effect VSync will have is potentially worsening your frame rate and causing input lag.

If you're feeling input lag or bad frame rates, it's best to disable it.

Note: The commands can only be used in the normal chat.

@duel, @invite, @reject, @leave, @pvpmode, @whopk

These are all commands about the dueling system of Ragnarok.

@duel NAME

This will create a duel and invite the person based on the name written.

@invite NAME

This will invite the person based on the name written.


Can only reject a command if a duel was created.


Can only leave a duel if you were previously in one.


Creates a state alike duel, which can involve several players fighting each other without requiring a pvp map.


Displays all players having pvpmode enabled.

Note: Dueling does not use the damage reduction of our PvP/WoE maps.

@joinbg, @leavebg, @listenbg, @guildskill, @gcd, @order, @leader


Automatically joins the queue for battleground.


Leaves the queue or battleground that you're currently in.


You will now receive battleground announcements.

@guildskill EC

Can only be used by the leader of the battleground guild or WoE guild.


Displays the cooldown of the Guild Skills.


Can only be used by the leader of Guild / Battleground Leader.


Transfers the leader for the battleground guild.

@house, @guestkey

These commands are only used for the Guild Housing.


If your Guild owns a House, it will automatically enter the map.


Creates a key that can be used even by non guild-members or alts to treat them like a guild member for @house.


This command will be available to use once you have unlocked the skill Call Storage.

@storage 1-10

Calls the storage wherever you are based on the number specified.

Note: Some maps may prevent the atcommand but not the actual skill.

@plagiarism, @reproduce

These commands can only be used by Rogue classes.

@plagiarism SKILLNAME

Instantly copies the requested skill as skill used via Plagiarism.

@reproduce SKILLNAME

Instantly copies the requested skill as skill used via Reproduce, some these can be used for ASS.


@plagiarism Bash, @plagiarism Meteor Storm

@reproduce Bowling Bash, @reproduce Adoramus


This command displays information about the map that it's used on.

Displays the information about the number of monsters spawning.

The time it takes for a monster and/or MvP to respawn.

Usage: @mapdata

Note: If the monster is forced to spawn by a script, it will not be displayed.

@preview, @idsearch, @iteminfo, @whodrops

All commands are about items.

Preview: Displays the item so you can read everythng about it. Including previewing the costume.

Idsearch: Finds the Item ID based on the name.

ItemInfo: Displays Information about the item.

Whodrops: Will display every monster dropping the item specified by ID.


@preview ID

@idsearch ID/ItemName

@ItemInfo ID/ItemName

@whodrops ID/ItemName

Note: Preview is a custom command that allows you to fully see the item description and everything.

@whereis, @mobinfo

All commands are about items.

Whereis: Displays the map and amount where a monster can be found.

Mobinfo: Displays every information about the monsters and their possible drops and chances.


@whereis MonsterID

@mobinfo MonsterID/Name

Note: These are great when you want to look up a monster.


This command displays every information of your stats after it has been parsed by equipment.

The information is sorted by categories and displays the hidden information you would have to manually calculate.


@battlestats, @battlestats mag, @battlestats phy, @battlestats def

@baserate, @jobrate, @ratecheck, @showexp

These commands display or adjust certain configurations.

@baserate 1-100

Sets your Base EXP rate to the specified amount.

Limits are between 1 and 100

@jobrate 1-100

Sets your Job EXP rate to the specified amount.

Limits are between 1 and 100


This command will display what your expected drop bonus will be at Lvl 175 based on your Base EXP rate.


Displays your EXP gained.

Note: The Advanced Drop System only checks your Base EXP rate, not your Job EXP rate.


Sets your Base EXP rate to the specified amount.

Limits are between 1 and 100.

This EXP rate determines the amount of Base EXP you gain from monsters.

BaseEXP is multiplied by the number of your Base EXP specified. Partying with others does not bypass the limit set.

Usage: @baserate 1 / @baserate 100

Note: You can reset your previous Base EXP records through Class Master Brutus.


Sets your Job EXP rate to the specified amount.

Limits are between 1 and 100.

This EXP rate determines the amount of Job EXP you gain from monsters.

Job EXP is multiplied by the number of your Job EXP specified. Partying with others does not bypass the limit set.

Usage: @jobrate 1 / @jobrate 100

Note: Jobrate does not affect your drop bonus. You may set it to 100 along with 1x Baserate.

@autoloot, @alootid, @aloottype, @noloot, @nolootid

These commands will be read when a monster dies.

They will enable you automatically loot the item(s) you wish to loot. Or not loot.

autoloot: Automatically loots every item with the max drop chance specified with the command.

-- @autoloot 5 - Loots only items with a drop chance of 5% or less.

-- @autoloot - Loots every item. Or disables it.

alootid: Add items to the list of possible drops that will be automatically looted.

-- @alootid +ID - Adds the item to the list of 20 different possible drops.

-- @alootid -ID - Removes the item from the list of 20 different possible drops.

-- @alootid reset - Resets the entire list of aloot ids.

aloottype: Adds categories of items to your list of automatically looted items.

-- @aloottype reset - Resets the entire list of categories.

-- @aloottype NUMBER - Adds the category based on the number specified.

noloot: Prevents any items from being picked up in any possible way.

-- @noloot - Activates or deactivates the command.

nolootid: Add items to the list of possible ignored drops that will NOT be automatically looted.

-- @nolootid +ID - Adds the item to the list of 20 different possible ignored drops.

-- @nolootid -ID - Removes the item from the list of 20 different possible ignored drops.

-- @nolootid reset - Resets the entire list of noloot ids.

@dh, @dp, @da, @dpets

These are special commands that can heavily reduce client lag and/or crash problems.

They are character specific and will only affect you.

You may activate one or several at the same time.

dh: Disables all headgears of anyone around you and yourself, depending on the configuration used.

-- @dh 0 - Deactivates the previous set configuration.

-- @dh 1 - Disables the view of every headgear.

-- @dh 2 - Disables the view of every custom headgear.

dp: Prevents your client from displaying certain characters around you.

-- @dp 0 - Deactivates the previous set configuration.

-- @dp 1 - Prevents ANY player from being displayed to you.

-- @dp 2 - Prevents all BUT party members from being displayed to you.

-- @dp 3 - Prevents all BUT party & guild members from being displayed to you.

da: Disables the custom aura obtained from having reached Lvl 175 with 1x Base EXP.

-- @da 0 - Deactivates the previous set configuration.

-- @da 1 - Disables the aura from being displayed to you.

dpets: Disables any pets from being displayed to you.

-- @dpets 0 - Deactivates the previous set configuration.

-- @dpets 1 - Prevents your client from displaying any pets to you.

Usage: @dp 1, @dpets 1 ... etc

Note: Just because you cannot see other players, does not mean they do not exist.

@testclean, @testmonster

These commands only work inside the Test Room Instance.

Testclean: Kills every monster inside the Test Room.

Testmonster: Summons the monster specified by the ID.

-- @testmonster MonsterID AI

-- AI: 0 default


Usage: @testmonster 1002 0, @testclean

Note: World Bosses are always aggressive.

@worldboss, @rank, @ranks

These commands are all about the feature World Boss.


Allows you to enter the World Boss map and displays which World Boss is alive.


Shows the top 25 ranks of the current active world boss.


Shows your own rank if you're ranked and your damage done.

@lgp, @square, @circle, @aoes, @shake

These commands affect the client right away.

@lgp on/off

It will activate the Light Game Plugin on the client.

@square on/off/1-14

Will display a square around your character based on the number of cells specified.

@circle on/off

Will display the max range around your character in a circle

@aoes on/off

Displays colored areas of skills: Storm Gust, Lord of Vermillion, Meteor Storm.


Enable/disable shake effect.

Note: These commands have to be written without anything in the PM box.

@destroy, @cooldown

All commands are about Instances.


Destroys your currently active instance.


Displays all cooldowns of the instances.

@day, @night, @snow, @leaves, @sakura, @fog, @fog2, @clouds, @fireworks and @clearweather

These commands are normally bound to the map and change the entire map, however that is changed here.

They'll only affect you and display what you wish to see or not.

Just like the names say, they will display that weather effect for you.

You can also use several or all of these at once if you so.

Night: Will display the map darker than usually.

Day: Will display the map as it always does.

Snow: Snow will now fall from the sky.

Sakura: Sakura Leaves will fall from the sky.

Leaves: Normal Leaves will fall from the sky.

Fog: Fog will appear on the map.

Fog2: A different kind of fog will appear on the map.

Clouds: Clouds will appear on the map.

Fireworks: Fireworks will randomly start at random invervals around you.

Clearweather: Removes every weather effect activated.

In order to remove the effect either use the command a second time or use clearweather. Then the effect will stop once you either teleport or change maps.

Usage: @night, @sakura ... etc

Note: Weather effects can cause heavy client lag.


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Server Differences

Features Helheim Niflheim
World Boss
World Drops
Baby QoL changes
Monster Hunter
Lucky 3 Slotmachine
Advanced Drop System
Advanced EXP System
Shadow Equipment
Instance UI & Manager
Class Mastery
Class Mastery ( inside Instances )
Official Costumes ( Dropped from monsters )
Custom Costumes ( Dropped from monsters )
Custom Stats ( Enchants etc )
Item Progression ( kRO only )
Weapon Evolution
Halfed after-cast delay
Limited Ores

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