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Patch 2018-02-18

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  • Renewal & Pre-Renewal
    • Fixed all custom hairstyles
    • Added BGM for Fortessa
    • Fixed Branch Room not working through the Instance Manager v2
    • Fixed 3 missing pictures when using the Information Board
    • Adjusted the Baby Picture in the beginner instance to remind you of babys requiring job 70 to rebirth
    • Fixed missing sprite files for Baby Crusader using 2 hand swords when riding a peco
    • Fixed Cache Mimic - 2nd Tier giving 3rd Tier caches
    • Fixed Cache Mimic - 3rd Tier giving 2nd Tier caches
  • Pre-Renewal
    • Fixed all maps to use original BGM's
    • Fixed some items not working for crafting
    • Fixed Elunium, Oridecon and Emperium not working in the Refinement UI
    • Fixed Gift Buff Set
    • Fixed all Pre-Renewal cards causing a crash when pressing View
    • Added a compensation NPC with a compensation for everyone above Lvl 90 regarding the Battle Manual fix in the last patch
      ( This NPC will last until the 25th of February and will work even if you reach Level 90 within the next 7 days, however it's limited to once per person )

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