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Patch 2017-11-30

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  • Event - Winter Festival


    2017-12-01 ~ 2017-12-31

     Exp Rates:
      - Base Exp 45
      - Job Exp 45
      - Quest EXP 45
      - Common 20x
      - Usuable 20x
      - Equipment 20x
      - Cards 20x
      - Mvp card 0.05%
      - Card granted drops 3x
      [ Card granted drops - effects of gear / cards that add a chance to drop additional items on kill ]

    - Increased the bonus cashpoints from 20% to 35% for the duration of the event.
      [ 1$ = 1350 CP ]
  • Items
    ( Any change to Items )
    Added a blockage to CD in Mouth to not work in conjunction with any elemental sword in left or right hand.
    - Millenium Shield, Crush Strike and Storm Blast now have their correct cooldowns outside of PvP
  • NPC
    ( Any change to NPCs )
    - Fixed a crash caused by Kafra
    Adjusted Reset Girls skill reset to read jobchange levels rather then skill points spent
    Fixed a slight bug during Class Change to limit job level to 50 rather than 70
    - Added Christmas Calendar NPC for Winter Festival, it'll appear on the 1st of December ( Server Time ) in the Main Office.
     [ More to come ! ]
  • Skill
    ( Any change to Skills )
    - Increased the duration of all Monk combos
    - Increased the duration of all Sura combos

  • Damage
    ( Any change to Damage )
    Raised damage reduction of WoE from 60% to 80%.
    Raised damage reduction of normal attacks in WoE from 40% to 80%
    Changed damage reduction of BG and PvP to be the same as WoE percent wise
  • Wikipedia
    ( Any change to Wikipedia)
    -  Alot of pages have their information updated and cleaned up some pages
    -  Added guides to the sidebar of wikipedia
    -  Added crimson weapons to wikipedia
    -  Added more information to Homunculus Day Care to wikipedia

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