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Patch 2017-11-21

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  • Items
    ( Any change to Items )

    - Caster's Shadow Pendant has been added to Thara Frog
    - The Magic Element damage of  Magicians Glove have been corrected
    - The Magic Element damage of  Magical Earring (Shadow) have been corrected
    - The Magic Element damage of  Magical Ring have been corrected
    - The bonus damage for Spellfist of  Sorcerer's Night Cap has been fixed
    -  White Gold Shield's unbreakable have been corrected
    - All Nightmare Biolab Cards have been nerfed during WoE / PvP / Battleground
      [ If you use more than 2 of the same Biolab 5 Cards then all will grant no effect. ]
      [ This change is only applies to maps that are one of the 3 above. If its a non versus map these cards have their normal effects and no limitation ]

      This change applies to the following cards
        - True Alphoccio Basil Card
        - True Trentini Card
        - True Gertie Wi Card
        - True Chen Liu Card
        - True Celia Aldea Card
        - True Flamel Emure Card
        - True Randel Lawrence Card
        - True Seyren Windsor Card
        - True Howard Alt-Eisen Card
        - True Cecil Damon Card
        - True Kathryne Keyron Card
        - True Margaretha Sorin Card
        - True Eremes Guile Card
    -  Added Moonlight Coin, Moon Coin, Vicious Reset and all World Boss boxes to buyingstore available list
       [ You can now add these items into your buyingstore ] 

    ( Any change to NPCs )

    -  Added NPC to quit Dark Society inside your room
    - Changed the mount check of Safe Portal Event
    -  Added a die + alive for the Safe Portal after entering to remove all current buffs
    -  Added equipment removal in Safe Portal Event
    - Removed a crash caused by the battleground


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