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Patch 2017-10-27

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  • Halloween
    ( Any change to the Halloween World Boss )

    - Added a shop to Halloween Warper for stage 2 items
    - Added Halloween Coin drop chances
    - Fixed missing .WAV files for the Halloween World Boss
    - Fixed female sprites for Halloween Items
    - Added a pet check to the Halloween Warper
    - Fixed the warping + check of the skills of Fahrros
    - Fahrros Changes:
    (These changes were done shortly after release but not mentioned )
    Adjusted HP from 100,000 to 1,000,000
    Increased the damage of Fahrros by 10
    Increased the defense of Fahrros slightly
    Changed type to cannot move
    Reduces the time between skill uses
  • War of Emperium

    - Added economy check to Guild Manager
    - WoE Rewards have been fixed and sent out 5 days worth of rewards to compensate
    - Added 3 new Headgears to the WoE Participation Reward list:
    - Circlet of Kriemhild ( 5874 )
    - Headgear of Siegfried ( 5873 )
    - Diadem of Brinhild (5875 )
    - Changed Investment loss from 5 to 2
    - Changed double investment cost on the same day from quadruple cost to normal cost
    - Changed the castle from Neuschwanstein to Kriemhild
    - Adjusted all investments and other information from Neuschwanstein to Kriemhild
    - Adjusted the Warper from Neuschwanstein to Kriemhild

  • Items
    ( Changes, additions, fixes )
    Fixed a Vicious Reset exploit
    - Tradeable Soul had a wrong value since patch
    -  Sapphire Wrist
    Executioner's Boots Weapon Crush physical damage bonus Class_Normal instead of Class_All
    - Fixed old Bone Wings became apple
    Boarding Halter can now be traded, stored and dropped
    White Gold Shield is now considered a shield and has min lvl req of 100
    Changed Specific Bottom Treasure into 2 seperate menus by letters
    Imperial Spear wasn't applying *3 per refine.
    Imperial Shield wasn't applying *2 per refine.
    Changed Randgris Card to be AtkRate
    Changed Ancient Gold Ornament - Thief bonus to AtkRate
    Missing sprites for kirito swords red female & male
    Wing Headphone cannot be refined
    Wing Headphone is supposed to reduce Metallic Sound cooldown by 2 seconds at +9 instead of the variable cast thing.
    Fixed Axe Tornado wasnt useable by genetic
    Changed Moonlight Coins from Daily check in to be bound.
    Shining_235.bmp collection picture
    Added new Item type called IT_Permanent
    - Added the following cards to the database and as a drop by the respective monster(s):
    - Baba Yaga Card
    - Les Card 
    - Mavka Card
    - Uzhas Card
    - Wood Goblin Card
    - Gopinich Card
    - Payon Soldier Card
    - High Elder Irene Card
    - Faceworm Card
    - Faceworm Card
    - Faceworm Egg Card
    - Faceworm Larvae Card
    - Faceworm Queen Card
    - Fixed Bunker Shield
    - Fixed Hunting Knife combo's
    - Fixed Ash Will
    - Fixed Yellow Will

  • Skills
    ( Changes, fixes, additions )
    - Fixed Emergency Call
    Added the 50% damage reduction to Hells Plant during WoE - source:
    Fixed skill tree of several baby classes.
    Removed some useless mob skill checks that do nothing but cause warnings
    Changed a check in dual class when sending skills to be forced above 0 else fail

  • Commands
    ( changes, fixes, additions )
    Refactored @rank and @ranks to reduce stress on the server
    - @whosell <Item ID / Item Name >
    ( This will now force open the Window with the requested item searched. Includes every custom item support. )

    - @whobuy <Item ID / Item Name >
    ( This will now force open the Window with the requested item searched. Includes every custom item support. )
    - @noloot
    ( This command allows you ignore any item. Blocks picking up an item, items looted by @autoloot, items looted by partymembers, items looted by party members @autoloot )
    - @nolootid  ( Total of 20 slots which are saved on the character instantly. )
    Usage and possibilities:

    @nolootid +ItemID/Name ( This will add an item to your nolootid list. Works like @alootid however in the opposite direction. You can combine @autoloot 100 together with @nolootid and it will ignore these items.)
    @nolootid -ItemID/Name ( This will remove an item from your nolootid list. )
    @nolootid reset ( This will reset your entire nolootid list. )
    - Fixed @guildskill
    Using this command will work just like casting the skill.
    They have the same requirements of gvg etc.
    These work in Battlegrounds as well.
    This will now work with the following possibilities: 
    - @guildskill BO 
    - @guildskill RG
    - @guildskill RS
    - @guildskill EC 
    - @battlestats

    MATK% showing as 100 more than the supposed value
    Bonus ASPD showing negative * 10 value

  • NPC's
    ( changes, fixes, additions )

    - Fixed Temporal Boots first enchant removing card
    - Changing between Dual Class/Forced Class instances reverts job sprite back to default
    - Fixed Last Room exchange asking for wrong ID
    - Changed mapflag of Chrono's Realm to noitemconsumption
    - Updated Enchanter Venir to all new halloween costumes
    - Added notification to Daily Reward Master and Instance Manager that any double collecting may be severly punished
    - Changed some NPC positions in Payon
    - WoE Rewards have been fixed and sent out 5 days worth of rewards to compensate
    - Added economy check to Guild Manager
    - Changed Guild Investment to be always open
    - Added batch exchanging to Thanks Ticket Machine
    - Changed Resetter Girl to work better and removed cost
    - Changed Resetter Girl to always apply the rebirth stats to baby classes
    - Build Manager now fully works again
    - Blocked the use of the following things while switching class from Chronos / Dark Society / Dual Class / Halloween.
    - Cannot use skills during the transformation
    - Cannot move during the transformation
    - Cannot use any commands during the transformation
    - Cannot talk to any NPC during the transformation
    - Cannot consume any items during the transformation

    - Fixed missing daily_28 check in picture
  • Other
    ( changes, fixes, additions )

    The 4 below were fixed within 30 minutes after last patch.
    - Common Rates were 10
    - Healing and usuable rates were 10
    - Addrop was 1x
    - Fixed World Boss damage reduction not being active

    - Fixed Metaling Monster Hunter Achievement 400 kills checking for wrong mob id
    - Disabled @go in the WoE castle
    - Disabled @go & @warp in the PvP Room
    - Added the new website, voting page and ticket system


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