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Patch 2017-10-18 - War of Emperium

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  • War of Emperium
    Enabled War of Emperium for the castle Neuschwanstein in Aldebaran on specific times. [ UTC - 08:00 ]

    - Wednesday 17:00 - 18:00 Servertime ( 5 PM - 6 PM )
    - Saturday 08:00 - 09:00 Servertime ( 8 AM - 9 AM )

    Castle Management
    - As a guild leader you can manage the castle(s) you own. You can invest daily up to 2 times.
    - The cost per investment is 30 moonlight coins. MAX investment is 100 in total.

    Note: All War of Emperium rewards are automatically bound to account.

    - Any guild member that participates in War of Emperium has a chance to get rewards. 
    - Members that do not participate are completely ignored by the rewarding system.

    - The formula for the guilds that own a castle and have participated in War of Emperium works the following way:
    - 3 + ( Castle Economy score / 5 ) = amount of players that are eligible for rewards.

    - Non-castle owning reward:
    - 3 + ( Total amount of unique participants / 10 ) = amount of players that do not own a guild castle.

    - The rewards are sent everyday at 00:01 servertime. 
    - If you have been elected by the system to receive a reward you'll have a mail.

    Alternate Outfit Ticket x 1 || Silvervine Fruit x 1 ~ 5 || HD Oridecon x 3 ~ 5
    HD Elunium x 3 ~ 5 || Enchantment Certificate x 1 ~ 3 || Soul Mastery Scroll x 1 ~ 2
    HD Carnium x 1 ~ 3 || HD Bradium x 1 ~ 3 || Old Enriched Elunium x 1 ~ 2
    Old Enriched Oridecon x 1 ~ 2 || Costume Treasure x 1 || Valor Badge x 25 ~ 100
    Mystical Card Album x 1 ~ 2 || Old Card Album x 3 ~ 5 || Roulette Gold Coin x 3 ~ 10
    Roulette Silver Coin x 5 ~ 10 || Advanced Weapon Box x 1 ~ 3 || Random Garment Treasure x 1
    Moonlight Coin x 10 ~ 25 || Moon Coin x 5 ~ 10 ||  Mad Bunny [1] x 1
    Cursed Mad Bunny [0] x 1 || Spiritual Auger x 1

  • World Boss
    ( Anything regarding the World Boss feature )

    - Added a new menu layer to the World Boss NPC when a PvP boss has spawned.
    - You can now choose whether or not you'll be flagged for PvP or not be flaggef for PvP.
    - If you are not flagged for PvP, your damage to the World Boss is reduced by 80% and you will gain a green aura during this time to indicate that you are flagged.
    - While flagged for NON-PvP, you cannot be damaged by players / pets / homunculus / spawned player monsters.
    - While flagged for NON-PvP, you cannot damage other players / pets / homunculus / spawned player monsters.

    - Added auto re-spawn for the Non-PvP World Boss maps.
    - Added ranking to the World Boss NPC at Fortessa (@go 0).
    - Added @rank command to show your current ranking for the World Boss.
    - Added @ranks or @ranks number ( max 25 ) commands to show the top damage dealers to the World Boss.
    - Added @wiki wb and @wiki fortessa commands.
    - Changed World Boss summoning requirement from 1,000,000 to 500,000 kills in total.
    - Fixed World Boss Flee & Lucky Flee2 to 0.
    - World Boss map now has no exp penalty.


  • Skills
    ( Including fixes and changes )

    - Fixed Maximum Overthrust to work with all weapon-types.
    - Increased Dragon combo duration to cast combo by 3s extra, so it can be casted within 4s now.
    - Increased Fallen Empire duration to cast combo by 3s extra, so it can be casted within 4s now.
    - Increased Tiger Cannon's duration to cast combo by 3s extra, so it can be casted within 4s now.


  • Items
    ( Including fixes and changes )

    - Fixed Kardui Ears script.
    - Fixed Spirit Kings Ring script.
    - Fixed Executioner's Shoes script.
    - Fixed Queen Anne's Revenge script.
    - Fixed Vicious Dagger giving MATK without being divided by two.
    - Fixed missing ASPD% in the item scripts for Fallen Angel Wings & Fallen Angel Wings Untradeable.
    - Valkyrie Knife is now equipable by Guillotine Cross.
    - Valkyrie Hammer is now equipable by Mechanic.
    - Changed that bows now get MATK with refines, like every other weapon types already does.
    - Added a slot to Nectar Suit.
    - Crimson Rose is not refineable anymore.
    - Adjusted the description of Elunium, Oridecon, Enriched Elunium/Oridecon, Limited Elunium/Oridecon, Blacksmith's Blessing and Limited HD Bradium/Carnium.
    - Fixed all Specific Costume Treasures, they will not be consumed anymore until you have chosen your desired costume.
    - Infinite Fly Wing will not consume SP anymore.
    - Fixed where Flying Galapago had missing effects including its combo effect.
    - Fixed the enchants atk2% and atk3% having the wrong effect.
    - Fixed RWC Commemorative Pin combo effect.
    - Fixed Dragonling collection picture.
    - Sorted all Specific Costume Treasures alphabetically.


  • Others
    ( Including fixes, changes and additions )

    - Fixed a bug with the dual class system regarding the skill tree.
    - While inside the Halloween World Boss map, Chronos Realm, Society Raid or Dark Society, your weight will automatically increased by 100,000.
    - Fixed new achievements not showing in the client.
    - Added another exception for healing damage as long as defense element is undead and race is demon it will be counted towards damage dealt now.
    - Refine UI
    Fixed HD Bradium / HD Carnium not functioning properly.
    Added  Limited HD Bradium / Limited HD Carnium.
    - Refine chances for armor type above +10 is slightly adjusted. 
    +10~14 raised from 8% to 10%
    +15~17 from 7% to 9%
    - @battlestats
    Corrected size reduction/damage showing wrong sizes.
    Corrected a typo in MATK %.
    Added after cast delay.
    Corrected wrong number from 540 to 530.
    - Fixed @go lasagna.
    - Disabled commands on all Fortessa dungeon maps.
    - Disabled teleport and warp on level 4 of the Fortessa dungeon.
    - Removed the clan check for guild invitations.
    - You now have additional 500 weight, if you have purchased a dual class or already own one.


  • NPCs
    ( Including fixes, changes and additions )

    - Healer now removes hallucination and all strip effects upon healing.
    - Added Healer to @go dummy.
    - Added Kafra to @go dummy.
    - Added Stylist to the Styling Room.
    - Added guild branch room to Instance Manager.
    - Fixed Nightmare Bio Lab MvP respawn.
    - Fixed the Wedding NPCs
    Including same sex marriage.
    Including baby marriage as long as you are not adopted.
    - Fixed Respawning on second floor of Bios Island.
    - Fixed a bug where your equipment was not automatically re-equipped when leaving Dark Society, Society Raid and Chronos Realm.
    - Fixed a bug where the crafting of Old Guardian Crown asked for Merchant Soul instead of Swordman Soul.
    - Removed some announcements from Lucky 3 and Special Lucky 3.
    - Added all new custom costumes to the stylist room.
    - Sorted all stylist room costumes alphabetically.
    - Added a warning to the Fallen Angel Wings creation NPC.
    - Sorted Special Tool Dealer Menu's.
    - Added Warlock Spellbooks to Special Tool Dealer.

    - Added 20 new costumes to the costume treasure.


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