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Fix-Patch 2017-10-06

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  • Bug fixes
    Infinite Flywing, Infinite ASPD potions are not consumed anymore
    Sung Jiyeon will now teleport when rude attacked
    Imperial Feather now grants the correct item effect
    Combo of imperial feather now grants the correct item effect
    Rebel Scarf will not cause crash anymore
    Master of Souls - Soul Trading now works properly
    Lucky Flee is not capped at 9 anymore
    Refine UI now works properly with the new refine items
    Fixed a bug with the alchemist supplies tab
    Chrono and Dark Society will not apply wrong jobchange levels anymore
    Secondary Master Brutus will now apply extra skill points for novice skill if you're a summoner
    Costume Enchanter will not make you get stuck anymore upon transfering enchants
  • Changes
    Soul Storage has been increased to 10
    Special Tool Dealer now has a category called Pet Supplies
    Removed the Idle check on the hourlypoints
    Specific Top / Mid / Lower Treasure will only be consumed upon receiving the new item now
    Vicious Reset will only be consumed when the item has been enchanted

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