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Patch 2017-10-05

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  • Fortessa Dungeon
    Is a custom dungeon with a total of 4 levels.
    You can obtain special equipment from the monsters inside this dungeon.

    This dungeon contains over 50 new items and 13 new custom monsters on top of that every monster have a chance to drop a Fortessa Box which can contain any of the loot or certain other equipment.

    This dungeon is not suggested for new players and will definitely kill you. 
    If you do not care about dying and still wish to venture into certain death this dungeon is the best place for you!
    This dungeon requires you to have finished Dark Society at least once.

    For more information please click the link below: 
    Shining Moon Wikipedia - Fortessa Dungeon
  • World Boss
    Is a new unique feature of Shining Moon.
    Once the total amount of monsters killed on the server have reached 1.000.000 and 12 hours of cooldown period have passed the system
    will automatically summon a random world boss. There is an NPC in @go 0 that shows the current amount of overall kills and if there is any time left on the cooldown, otherwise it will allow you to warp to the world boss map.
    These bosses do not drop items in a normal fashioned way. But instead will reward the player with a World Boss Box based on their damage rank.
    There is no limitation as to how many players may receive a reward so even 1 damage makes you eligible. However if the boss is not killed, you'll not receive any reward at all.
    The rewards are automatically sent to your mailbox.
    There is no level / class / party / guild requirement to participate in this.

    For more information please click the link below: 
    Shining Moon Wikipedia - World Boss
  • Battleground Rewards v2.0
    Battlegrounds will now reward War Badge and Valor Badge upon win / loose.
    You may purchase the following items using War Badges now:

    - Changed queue system slighty. Removed IP-Address check but added unique computer idenfication check.

    1x Light Red Potion - 1 Badge
    1x Light Orange Potion - 2 Badges
    1x Light Yellow Potion - 3 Badges
    1x Light White Potion - 4 Badges
    1x Light Blue Potion - 5 Badges
    1x Poison Bottle - 20 Badges
    1x Bottle Grenade - 15 Badges
    1x Acid Bottle - 5 Badges
    1x Plant Bottle - 25 Badges
    1x Marine's Sphere Bottle - 25 Badges
    1x Glistening Coat - 40 Badges
    1x Battleground Costume Box - 1000 Badges
    1x Fallen Angel Wings - 2500 Badges

    New costumes obtainable from battleground box

    These costumes are all enchantable in the main office.
  • Costume Treasure - New costumes
    All existing costume treasure will have this change applied to them as well.
    These costumes are added into every costume treasure.
    Freebie, Normal, Quest, Specific.

  • Lucky 3 - Slotmachine v2.0
    Lucky 3 has gained new items in its spinning list:
    - 1x Sealing Spell
    - 5x Bloody Branch
    - 10x Bloody Branch
    - 2x Vicious Reset
    - 2x Poison Bottle Box ( 100 )
    [ Some of these rewards were already implemented 1-2 weeks ago. ]

    You now have a 3% chance on every winning spin to obtain a Special Lucky 3. This will not take the spot of the regular Lucky 3 but instead give you both at that point.

    The new Special Lucky 3 contains randomly one of the following rewards:
    2x Moon Coin
    15x Moonlight Coin
    1x HD Carnium
    1x HD Bradium
    1x HD Oridecon
    1x HD Elunium
    1x Blacksmith Blessing
    1x Limited Enriched Elunium
    1x Limited Enriched Oridecon
    1x Enriched Elunium
    1x Enriched Oridecon
    25x Fish Slices
    50x Fish Slices
    100x Fish Slices
    1x Safe Weapon +8
    1x Safe Armor +8
    1x Infinite Fly Wing
    4x Silvervine Fruit
    1x Halter Lead
    1x Bag of Hanbok
    1x Bag of Christmas
    1x Bag of Summoner
    1x Specific Lower Headgear
    1x Specific Top Headgear
    1x Specific Mid Headgear


  • Special Tool Dealer
    The Special Tool Dealer has gained new items.
    It now contains an extra category for alchemy supplies.
    It now contains an additional category for poisonous herbs.
    The normal shop now contains Guarana Candy
  • New achievements
    20 new monster hunter achievements,
    8 new monster hunter instance achievements,
    6 new mvp monster hunter achievements,
    12 new special item rewarding achievements
  • Class Change
    The class change of Dark Society / Soul Society / Chronos and Dual class have been re-written.
    This change will make all information that are applied be more accurate and simpler.
    For the player itself this change might not make any difference, but it reduces stress on the server.
  • Guild Permission - Rewritten!
    This change was already applied during the time the update was written.
    You can now add permission to any guild member rank.
    This allows you to decide who can deposit & withdraw from your guild storage.
    The NPC is located in fortessa.
    [ Please add permission to a rank before trying to edit it. ]
  • Channel System
    Removed the auto join from all channels
    Every character will automatically join the channels unless you change your config in the Channel Master in Fortessa.
    This change will make you not automatically join selected channels on login.
    -- LFG channel has been added to list of channels
  • Sorted Vending Area
    This change was already applied during the time the update was written.
    The vendors are sorted to certain positions using the Vending Advisor.
  • Soul System
    - Materialize Soul

    Materialized Souls now fully inherit the players stats * 2.
    HP, Max HP,
    Str, Agi, Int, Dex, Vit, Luk
    Basic Attack, MATK min & MATK max
    Weapon Atk, Weapon Atk2,
    Movement Speed
    - Tradeable Souls [ Sealing Spell & Sealed Monster ]
    You can now visit the Master of Souls in the main office to use a Sealing Spell ( Obtained from Lucky 3 or Decimus of Society Raid ).
    You have the option to seal your current monster ID into a tradeable item. This will remove this monster fully from your character, this includes the soul storage as well.
    This will create a new item called Sealed Monster. You can check in the bottom of the item which monster it holds. Upon using this item
    your character will automatically learn the monster ID. However this will delete the item right away.
  • Item changes
    Mystical Card Album's rates were slightly adjusted
     [ This change was applied 4 weeks ago. ]
    Removed Blood Moon Shard Wings and Susanoo due to causing crashes.
  • Bug fixes
    - Item fixes

    Taurus Crown now has the correct item effect
    Mechanical Robot Arm can now be worn by the classes provided in the
    Lush Rose now has the correct item effect
    Evil Gloves now has the correct item effect
    Celine's Ribbon now has the correct item effect
    Sarah's Battle Robe now has the correct item effect
    Upgr Sarah's Combat Robe is not an unknown item anymore
    King Dromah Card is not an unknown item anymore
    Thanos Two-Handed Staff now has the correct item effect
  • Vicious Dagger now has the correct MATK
  • RWC Commentary Pin now has the correct item effect
    Red Lantern now has the correct item description
    Crimson Saber can now be worn by baby classes
    Alca Bringer 2 slotted now has the correct item effect
    Morrigane's Set effect will now correctly apply while wearing slotted pieces
    Laphine Staff's set effect will now work with the slotted version
    Meteor Strike now grants the right Bowling Bash level
    Evil Bone Wand's set effect will now work with the slotted version
    - NPC Fixes
    Class Change will now properly apply cart / mounts after changing.
    Costume Enchanter applies the last slot on garments properly all the time
    Cards are not lost anymore when enchanting Temporal boots.
    Mora enchanter will not ignore cards above id 4700 anymore.
    - Skill Fixes
  •  Banishing Buster now has the correct delay and cooldown
    Shattered Storm now has the correct delay and cooldown
    Materialize Soul now applies the correct cooldown on all levels
    - Other Fixes
    Fixed a client crash caused by santa bag on alternate outfit
  • NPC changes
    Costume Enchanter now supports all new headgears.
    Costume Enchanter will now recognize non custom headgears for transfering aslong as they're in the list of transferable.
    Fixed an evil typo in the Weapon Evolution system causing it to not always update the number on the left weapon.
    Added all NPC's to gonryun, payon, dicastes and verus.
    Job changer now properly gives brushes to shadow chasers upon job change.
    Any class can now purchase a dual class from Secondary Master Brutus. Only requirement is lvl 99.
    Added an option to exchange all your Rough Elunium / Oridecon instantly into Eluniums / Oridecons to all exchangers.
    Added Sorcerer and Sura alternate outfit to the Stylist
    Fixed the Keeper of Secrets which was not accepting Judgement items to Mora Coins exchange.
  • Other changes
    Brush of Groom is now in the cashshop
    25% HP/SP will now apply to all classes and not rebirthed classes only.
    Saved ID's that persist through logouts and from @alootid has been increased from 11 to 20.
    Earthly~ achievement changed a wrong number.
    You cannot heal a boss anymore if the monster is not undead.
    Added a new command @battlestats which will show you information about 
    Fixed Sarah & Fenrir Instance

    Added support for all custom items to work with @whosell
    Fixed that all items now should display correctly the restrictions.
    Decimus from Society Raid has gained 4 new item drops.
    - Benevolent Guardian, Ship Captain's Hat, Crown of Deceit, Sealing Spell
  • Skill changes
    Hatred now uses a different method to grant bonus attack on the targets and allows all cards to work with it.
    Esma does not require ES-type skills before casting.
    ES-type skills can now be cast on players.
    Raised the chance for Class Change from Abracadabra by 2 1/2 time of the original rate.
  • Changed Fixed cast time
    The fixed cast time of the following skills have been converted to variable cast time.
    Allows you to reach instant cast by having either 100% variable cast time reduction from equipment or stats.

Napalm Beat 

 Safety Wall 

 Cold Bolt 

 Frost Diver 

 Stone Curse 

 Fire Ball 

 Fire Wall 

 Fire Bolt 

 Lightning Bolt 


 Increase Agi 

 Holy Water 

 Decrease Agi

 Signum Crusis 



 Brandish Spear 

 Bowling Bash 


 Kyrie Eleison 


 Turn Undead 

 Magnus Exorcismus 

 Fire Pillar 

 Sight Trasher 

 Meteor Storm 

 Water Ball 

 Jupitel Thunder 

 Water Ball 

 Frost Nova 

 Storm Gust 

 Earth Spike 

 Heaven Drive 

 Repair Weapon 

 Blitz Beat 

 Charge Arrow 

 Pick Stone

 Holy Light

 Energy Coat 

 Strip Weapon 

 Strip Shield 

 Strip Armor 

 Strip Helm 

 Acid Terror 


 Sphere Mine 

 Chemical Weapon Protection 

 Chemical Shield Protection 

 Chemical Armor Protection 

 Chemical Helm Protection 

 Resurrect Homunculus 

 Grand Cross 



 Call Spirit 

 Absorb Spirit 


 Finger Offensive 

 Steel Body 

 Asura Strike 




 Frost Weapon 

 Lightning Loader 

 Seismic Weapon 



 Violent Gale 

 Land Protector 


 Musical Strike 

 Throw Arrow 



 Magic Crasher 

 Magic Power 


 Soul Breaker 

 Falcon Assault 

 Sharp Shooting 



 Spiral Pierce 

 Napalm Vulcan 

 Soul Collect 


 Meteor Assault 


 High Jump 

 Berserk Pitcher 

 All Links 










 Full Chemical Protection 

 Shield Chain 


 Double Casting 


 Tarot Card 


 Twilight Alchemy 1 

 Twilight Alchemy 2 

 Twilight Alchemy 3 


 Madness Cancel 



 Piercing Shot 

 Gatling Fever 

 Full Buster 


 Huuma Shuriken

Note: The War of Emperium patch will come out in the next days. It will be the only content of the next patch.
So my full attention will be towards any bugs that may have arisen from this patch and War of the Emperium alone.
I apologize that i could not make the War of Emperium part in time. 

Hope atleast the new content will entertain you at least a little bit !


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