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Patch 2017-08-19

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New Changes:

  • Weapon Evolution
    A new row for possible weapon evolutions has been added. Vicious Mind which includes their 3 random enchants.
    2 new weapon types have been added to the evolution table: Shuriken & 2-hand Staffs!
    Much smoother, no constant re-equipping the item anymore.
    Better check-ups to prevent mistakes such as binding and already bound weapon.

    The new weapons require 10.000 kills and 10m zeny at the last stage. You can choose at Crimson to either convert
    your previous evolutions into 1000 kills per evolution done or get a refined crimson.
    If you're going for the Vicious Mind going for the refine is a bad choice because it will be removed after binding it again.

    Vicious Mind enchant list
        Slot 1
            Special Enchant I: Weapon cannot be broken in battle
            Special Enchant II: Recovers 100% of damage lost from size penalties
            Special Enchant III: Weapon is enchanted by Elements (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Poison, Holy, or Shadow)
            ATK +1% ~ 15%
            MATK +1% ~ 15%
            Damage to enemy's Element +1% ~ 20%
            Magic damage to enemy's Element +1% ~ 20%
        Slot 2
            Damage damage to enemy's Race +1% ~ 20%
            Damage to Normal monsters +1% ~ 20%
            Damage to Boss monsters +1% ~ 20%
            Magic damage to enemy's Race +1% ~ 20%
            Magic damage to Normal monsters +1% ~ 20%
            Magic damage to Boss monsters +1% ~ 20%
            Bypass DEF of Race enemies by 1% ~ 30%
            Bypass DEF of Element enemies by 1% ~ 30%
            Bypass DEF of Normal enemies by 1% ~ 30%
            Bypass DEF of Boss enemies by 1% ~ 30%
            Bypass MDEF of Race enemies by 1% ~ 30%
            Bypass MDEF of Element enemies by 1% ~ 30%
            Bypass MDEF of Normal enemies by 1% ~ 30%
            Bypass MDEF of Boss enemies by 1% ~ 30%
        Slot 3
            STR/AGI/DEX/LUK/VIT/INT +1 ~ 10
            ATK +1 ~ 50
            MATK +1 ~ 50
            CRIT +1 ~ 20
            Critical Damage +1% ~ 20%
            Ranged Damage +1% ~ 20%
            ASPD +1 ~ 5
            ASPD +1% ~ 20%
            Cast Delay -5% ~ 20%
            Healing Rate : 1 - 20%
            SP Cost -1% ~ 5%
            Variable Cast Time -1% ~ 20%

  • Guild Storage Permission
    You can now visit an NPC to modify the permissions on the guild storage.
    You can choose which position is allowed to deposit, withdraw, both or is not allowed at all.
    The setting is set to no permission by default.
    Only the guild leader can change that.
  • New Refine UI
    You can now use the new refine UI if you don't want to use the refiner NPC's.
    However both remain ingame incase you don't want to use the UI.
  • Atcommand settings
    Certain atcommands will now remember the last setting you used and will be automatically loaded and saved upon usage.
    Atcommands that are available with this feature:
    - Autoloot
    - Alootid
    - Showdelay, Showzeny, Showexp
    - noask
    - noks

    Upon logging in it will automatically read your last setting and apply it again, you will not see a message.
  • Soul System
  • Materialize Soul has been changed.
    A materialized Soul now has a maximum HP of players HP * 2.
    A materialized Soul cannot pass max flee of 400.
    A materialized Soul will inherit the players stats * 2.
    ( What differs between each monster soul is the skills, attack speed and such )
  • Item Changes
  • STR Supplement now has the correct effect
  • DEX Supplement now has the correct effect
  • Aries Crown now has the correct effect
  • Alchemy Glove now autocasts fireball instead of firebolt as the description suggests
  • 3 new Shuriken weapons have been added
  • Green Rabbit Balloon is now lower headgear as it should have been.
  • The description of Costume Santa Doll Headband has been changed
  • The description of Moonlight Coin, Costume Treasure have been changed
  • Ridewords Hat description has been adjusted.
  • Voter Scrolls are not tradeable anymore.
  • Changed Old Money Purses description + effect.
  • Speed of Light enchant should now properly grant Lucky Flee instead of Flee
  • Lucky Day enchant now has its chance to drop Treasure Box on kill
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed an missing file error for Mini Balloon
  • Fixed an missing file error for Designer Scarf
  • PVP Warper now warps you correctly to the map.
  • Fixed several bugs in Charleston Crisis
  • Fixed several bugs in Old Glast Heim & Old Glast Heim Hardmode
  • Chain Action's chance for double attack has been correct
  • Rebellions HP Table has been corrected to Awakening Patch again
  • Chronos Realm & Dark Society will now correctly reapply all ETC skills
  • Fixed a bug that OCA required level 80 to open
  • Fixed numerous errors in the palettes.
  • MVP's should now be immune to burning again.
  • Closed Mind Box now contains items.
  • Monster Changes
  • Guild Dungeon bosses can no longer drop Mystical Card Album.
  • NPC Changes
  • Secondary Master Brutus now supports EXT Super Novice and EXT Super Baby to purchase a secondary class.
  • Safe Spot events cell calculation has been adjusted
  • Adjusted the list of removed status effects from all class changes to support new status effects.
  • @whobuy and @whosell have been changed.
  • Costume Maker now supports every normal headgear again and turns it into a costume.
    The items will be named Cannot be enchanted.
    As the name suggests, these items cannot be enchanted.
  • Refactored the function that gives instance points after completing an instance
  • Refactored the function that gives count towards Weekly Instance quest
  • Other Changes
  • Removed noteleport mapflag from some dungeon levels.
  • Changed PvP room PvP mapflag to pvp_noguild
  • Added Special Tool Dealer to Dewata & Malaya
  • Added Lucky 3 to Dewata & Malaya
  • Added Instance Manager to Dewata & Malaya
  • Added Stylist to Dewata & Malaya

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