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Patch 2017-08-11

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       New Feature:

  • Weapon Evolution
    Weapon Evolution can be activated by either using the skill "Weapon Evolution" or visiting the NPC Master of Evolutions.
    You can activate the Evolution status on any weapon that's within the evolution table of each weapon type.
    Upon activation every card / refine will get deleted and the weapon gets bound to character.
    You now can see the status of your weapon evolution including the bonuses for having a weapon under the evolution status.
    You cannot refine or card the item anymore until that status is removed.
  • You can stop an evolution at any given time if you prefer another weapon from the evolution table rather than the last weapon.
  • You can start the evolution at any point inside the evolution table incase you just want an easier way for a certain weapon.
  • Below is a list of the 4 different mods on the weapon.
  • Evolution Status:
    You can gain EXP % for the weapon by defeating monsters that are + - 30 lvls of your own. Or have it instantly be 100% evolution status by chance.
    1000 Kills = 100% or a 0.5% chance for it to be 100% instantly.
  • Reaching the last position on the Weapon evolution will refine the last weapon before unbinding it.
    The formula for this is [ times evolved * 1 + ( times evolved / 2) ]
  • Evolution EXP Bonus:
    This EXP bonus is applied on all races. It does not require a certain monster, race or anything.
  • Evolution Stat Bonus
    Increases all stats by +1.
  • Evolution ATK/MATK Bonus
    Increases your ATK and MATK by 20

     You can find a list at Evolution Table @ Wikipedia


  • Magical Crit
    Any magical part of a skill or full magical skill have a chance to be a critical attack now and increasing its attack by 40%.
    It uses the original rate for critical calculation. Meaning you'll need some luck and or critical chance equipment for more regular proccs.
    Note 1:
    You can use Critical Atk % gear and cards which will further increase the critical damage. However for magic skills the effect is halved.
  • Multi-hit Crit
    The following multi-hits of skills are able to crit now. Double Attack, Kagemusha, Eternal Chain / Chain Action, Fear Breeze.
    It uses the original rate for critical calculation. Meaning you'll need some luck and or critical chance equipment for more regular proccs.
    Note 1:
    You can use Critical Atk % gear and cards which will further increase the critical damage.
  • Storage Expansion
    You now have 5 storages each with 600 capacity.
    You can rename the storage names in the main office at the Storage Master.
    All Kafras / Call Storage skill have been changed to reflect these changes and allow you open them.
  • Copycat
    [ More Information click here: Copycat Wikipedia ]
    Allows you to use
    @plagiarism <number>/<Skill Name> or @reproduce <number>/<Skill Name> to copy skills for the
    respective Rogue Classes.
    Alternatively you can visit the Copycat in fortessa to copy the skills through a menu.

    Preserve was changed to work in the opposite way now. When you activate it you will copy the skill while when it is disabled you will not copy any skill.

  • Feature Changes
  • Soul System:
    You now have 2x 1.5% chance to obtain a Sealed Soul when killing monsters -+30 of your own level. This double effect only works as 175.

    Soul Forge now only requires 5 Soul Shards to have a chance to make 1 Sealed Soul.
  • The HP bar has been removed.
  • Homunculus max level is now 175

  • Item Changes
  • Moonlight Coin / Moon Coin cannot be sold to NPC anymore,
  • The effect of CD in Mouth has been adjusted to iROs effect,
  • Gorilla Model Hat now properly casts lvl 5,
  • Rhino Model Hat now properly casts lvl 5,
  • Silvervine are now tradeable,
  • All Charleston Cards should now properly display
  • Fenrir Power Scroll now shows as scroll rather than a card
  • Description of Spare Card was slightly updated,
  • Thanatos Sword is not a GARMENT anymore
  • The High Weapon Box's contents have been greatly updated with the contents of the Socketing Enchanter NPC Clover.
    ( Special thanks to Blank for taking the time )
  • The Accessory Box contents have been greatly updated with new contents including instance accessorys.
    ( Special thanks to Blank for taking the time )

  • Skill Changes
  • Kihop was adjusted to work on Esma aswell.
  • Esma's damage formula was slightly raised by 20% per party member on the same map per hit.
  • The Super Novice chant does not require EXP below 100% anymore. The EXP check has been completly removed.
  • Materialize Soul will now check if you have a Soul ID or not.
  • Removed 50% crafting penatly from babies.
  • Shadow Chaser can now use Auto shadow spell with a bow.
  • Changed Preserve bahaviour:
    Instead of activating it to protect a skill you now activate it to overwrite a skill - same behaviour as Reproduce now.
  • Bind Trap is now automatically cast below the player.
  • Bind Trap can now be cast with opponents in the area.
  • Bind Trap now has the correct duration.


  • Homunculus Balance Patch of 2017-07-21 (kRO)
  • Sera:
    The damage of Needs of Paralysis was increased a little.
  • Dieter:
    Pyroclastic will not longer cause your weapon to break at the end.
  • Eira:
    Eraser Cutter will now be forced neutral on all levels.
    The damage of Eraser Cutter has been largely incrased.
    And the variable cast time reduced.
    Xeno Slasher is now forced Wind on all levels.
    The damage of Xeno Slasher has been largely increased.
    And the variable cast time reduced.
  • Eleanor:
    Sonic Claw's range is now 2 cells.
    The aftercast delay of Midnight frenzy and Silvervein Rush has been reduced.
  • Bayeri:
    Greatly decreased the fixed cast time of Stahl Horn.
    Heilage Stange's AoE has been increased.

  • NPC Changes
  • Added enchanter & vendor of Mechanic gear from Charleston Crisis ( forgot those )
  • Added Arrow Quivers and most arrow types to Special Tool Dealer
  • Added Ninja elemental Kunais to Special Tool Dealer
  • Added Rebellion / Gunslinger ammonition to Special Tool Dealer
  • Black Devils Mask can be slotted with the Piercing Expert in Eden 2nd floor.
  • Rewritten the beginning of Bios Island instance to work more smoothly
  • Rewritten the end of Wolfchev to now work properly
  • Rewritten Society Raids beginning to not bug anymore during acolyte movement
  • Changed Old Glast Heim hard mode spawning normal maggots instead of hard mode ones.
  • Renamed the injured man in OGH Hard mode.
  • Changed Instance Manager not showing level requirements correctly in Menu 2.
  • Changed Instance Manager not to apply a quest in OGH normal mode after it was already applied.
  • Adjusted Hatred Reset not to require a relog anymore.
  • Added a 30 minute timer to the Daily Reward Officer.
  • Removed a wrong BMP from the Daily Reward Officer last day.
  • Added @bgm <name> to play any BGM you want at any time.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Abrasive from Achievement not giving the buff.
  • Fixed special Kafra Cards that weren't working.
  • Fixed Blessing Scroll 10 box not giving the right scrolls.
  • Fixed a bugged quest in the Bounty Board.
  • Fixed a bug in the Daily Mission NPC.
  • Removed a crash caused by Materialize Soul.
  • Removed a crash caused by a mob data information.
  • Fixed a bug that Battleground items were usuable outside battleground.
  • The bug with cannot type in #main channel have been removed.
  • Fixed PvP Warp inside the Warper making you be stuck.
  • Fixed 2x Bifrost Tower inside Warper.


Note 1:
War of Emperium is currently fully disabled until i finish the 2nd part of the update.

More changes are coming in the next 1-3 days, had to split the original patch in 2 parts because of an emergency maintenance.


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