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Weapon Evolution

You can visit the NPC / or use the Weapon Evolution skill and request for your current weapon to be character bound. This will delete your current weapon and give you a new character bound weapon.
This weapon cannot be stored, traded or refined using normal refine NPC's / Weapon Refine skill. 

It becomes a new line below the item picture which shows your current evolution status. Upon reaching 100% the weapon you can evolve into a better version.
Killing monsters increases the percentage or use a 0.5% chance for instant 100%. Only monsters -+40 of your own level count towards this.

The amount of evolutions a weapon has done defines the refine of the last weapons.


I have made a list of every weapon type for the evolution table... here is for example bow.



You can start at the beginning or somewhere in the middle. You can stop / start the evolution progress at any time and the weapon will look like the one above.


After it reaches 100% evolution status you can evolve the weapon into the next one of the list. Crimson Bow is for bows the last one. Upon reaching Crimson Bow it would refine the weapon based on the amount of evolutions it had prior.

Bow -> Gakkung -> Earth Bow -> Elven Bow -> Giant Crossbow -> Crimson Bow gives a higher refine in the end than

Elven Bow -> Vellum Bow -> Crimson Bow


And more things to come in the next patch!


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