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Mini Patch 2017-07-18

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New Feature:

  • Hourly Reward..
    ( Every hour you're online you get 2 cashpoints )
    ( Every 2 hours you're online you get 1 Moonlight Coin )
    Note 1: The hours you're online count upwards. You are online 1 hour today and 1 tomorrow = 2 hours total.
    Note 2: Venders are a special case, they're inside the hourly counting table but differently counted and rewarded.
    Note 3: Relogging or disconnecting resets the timer.

NPC Changes:

  • Added Piercing Expert NPC to Eden 2nd floor
  • Changed Wolfchev reward to always reward like its the first time you've finished the instance.
    Note: The distance between you and the killer have to be within 30 cells. ( x + y )
    Note 2: kill counts for any party member aslong as he / she is within the range.
  • Changed Warpers teleport coordinates of Nightmare Clock Tower level 2

Other Changes:

  • Changed overall delay to 50% from 100%
  • Changed homepage's background to be always 100% width for bigger screens
  • Updated all installer links for both full and small clients
  • Fixed an error with Fire Wall

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