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  2. The time for WoE on Saturday was changed from 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM. The change is already visible on the homepages cooldown until WoE.
  3. Celebrate every MOMent with love this Mother's Day! Double drop event : May 13th until May 20th. Double Cashpoints: May 13th until May 15th.
  4. Renewal & Pre-Renewal Fixed a bug that caused an item to randomly get bound in your inventory Removed the "fake" bound flag from every bugged item in everyone's inventory Fixed a map-server crash cause Fixed wrongly shown HP in the Party UI Fixed a bug that caused the World Boss not to spawn on the given times from last patch Added all NPC's to Rachel Fixed all other town NPC's to automatically spawn Fixed a bug that caused the Disguise Event not to announce when it starts Added Healer to the Test Room Added World Boss Hunter to all cities Improve some warps in Sarah & Fenrir to make the instance smoother Renewal Fixed a bug that didn't allow you to level your Weapon Evolution weapon anymore Fixed a bug with the Daily Reward NPC Fixed a bug that caused the trophies from Malangdo Culvert not to be added straight into the inventory Pre-Renewal Fixed a bug that blocked you from collecting your daily reward
  5. Server is currently down for maintenance. Estimated downtime will be one hour.
  6. Renewal & Pre-Renewal Added Disguise Event. [ This event launches at 03:00 and 15:00 server time, everyday ] [ Every person on the map gets disguised randomly. You can type the answer in Whisper, Party, Guild or normal chat. Your message will not be shown to others. You have a maximum of 3 incorrect answers before you'll be kicked out. You automatically disguise yourself into something else after 5 seconds if your answer was correct. Every 30 seconds you'll automatically disguise yourself into something else. This happens 3 times ] Added Test Room to the Instance Manager UI Added @testmonster command. Usage @testmoner <ID> <AI ( 0 or 1> [ 0 = Default, monsters behaves as it always does. 1 = Non aggressive, this monster will not fight back. ] Added @testclean command. Usage @testclean [ This will automatically kill every monster in the Test Room. ] These commands can only be used inside the Test Room. [ You can spawn up to 25 different monsters inside the Test Room, if you attempt to spawn more - it'll automatically kill every monster. ] Note: The monsters do not give any EXP, Items, MvP Rewards, Souls, Captureable, World Boss Rewards, Quest Progress, Achievement Progress, Taekwon Progress. Added Equipment Switch function [ The secondary Equipment Window is now fully supported and will save the item in its place and show you in the inventory which item is equipped there. ] Note: Items that are inside the Equipment Swap window cannot be traded, sold, storaged, dropped or anything alike this. You'll have to remove them from the window first. Note 2: Dual class will not equip any items yet when switching class, this will be supported in the next patch. Increased the Storage Limit from 5 storages to 10 storages Reformated the World Boss spawns [ It'll automatically summon a random World Boss at 3 given times a week, these require no special killing count ] [ Monday : 00:00 Servertime ] [ Wednesday : 08:00 Servertime ] [ Friday : 16:00 Servertime ] The killing count for summoning a World Boss have been reduced to 150.000 ( Down from 250k ) Removed the level restrictions from the Soul System when capturing / sealing souls Removed the level restrictions from World Drops Removed the level restrictions from Spiritual Energy Changed the drop chance for every Costume item to be dropped from monsters from 0.01% to 0.03% Reformated World Boss reward checker... [ Requires you to be online again to be rewarded. It'll check twice now for matches during reward to avoid double rewarding someone ] Fixed Mercenarys cannot be created Changed Cache Mimic's HP to 10 Changed Cache Mimic to be Boss-type, immune to all skills, plant-type Changed Weekly Quest to mail you the item in roDEX instead of giving it to you right away Moved Undead Assault to a different Event Map Moved Safe Spot to a different Event Map Moved Trivia to a different Event Map Added Very Red Juice to Loli Ruri as drop Added a next button to the Daily Calendar NPC to show the time until you can claim better Added Information of which character and the time when a Daily Reward has been collected, this information will be displayed when you try to collect an already collected Daily Reward; [ Sorry, you already collect your reward today at YYYY-MM-DD HH-MM-SS with the character CHARACTERNAME. ] Fixed a bug that Triple Attack caused you to be stuck in place when the target dies by its skill Added an additional increased size announcement when a World Boss spawns Added Copycat into Kafra Services, making it available for use in every town Added Universal Rental NPC into Kafra Services, making it available for use in every town Renamed Wise Old Women to Card Remover and made the text about saving Equipment and cards more clearly and removed a useless old confirm Added an additional confirm to Headgear Maker Cherryl Moved the Special Hunter NPC 3 cells further down Added the Treasure Cache Maplist to the Wikipedia pages Swapped the locations of Cache Mimic 2 & 3, already corrected in Wikipedia Fixed that Materialize Soul will only apply a cooldown based on the level used and the time the Materialize Soul will fight you [ Lv 1 = 3 minutes, Lv 2 = 5 minutes, Lv 3 = 10 minutes ] Disabled the effects of the Easter Event: Disabled the spawn of Easter Eggs Disabled the 1.5x cashpoint reward. ( Now it's back to being a regular 25% bonus ) Disabled the 50% Lucky 3 Slotmachine chance back to 30% prior to the event. Disabled the 30x droprate event Renewal Added Card Exchanger NPC into the Main Office [ You can exchange Cards for points... 1 card = 1 point. ] [ You can use the points to buy OCA or MCA's ] Added Information Board to the Main Office Fixed Refine UI not working with enchanted armors Fixed Poison Bottle killing Baby Guillotine Cross Fixed RWC Pendant giving ATK instead of MATK per refine of RWC Knife Fixed Sarah and Fenrir Instance Fixed Sky Fortress not spawning Immortal Cursed Knight & Banshee correctly Fixed Homunculus Day care still loosing sometimes the homunculus information Fixed True Howard Alt-Eisen Card Fixed Diadem of Brynhild Fixed Nightmare Biolab MvP Respawn Removed Fixed coordinates from the Nightmare Biolab which caused sometimes a MvP to get stuck Corrected Gramps quest not multiplying the correct EXP rates Added @evostatus to see the current status % on your left & right hand weapon when it's equipped Fixed a bug in Jobchanger that it'd not reward the Rune Knight headgear to transcended Rune Knight's Fixed a bug in Jobchanger that it'd keep trying to activate evolution on your evolution weapon when switching class past first swap, which could cause a reset of its status. Raised the chance for Worlddrop items to drop by roughly 3 times Fixed a bug that caused Sky Fortress to sometimes get stuck. Fixed a bug that caused Room of Consciousness to sometimes get stuck. Fixed a bug that caused Charleston Crisis to be reset prior to the instance cooldown Added Fortessa Box, World Boss Box 1~5 to Lucky 3 Slotmachine Fixed Master of Evolution's position in the Main Office Corrected a wrong number in the Vicious Emblem exchange Removed some options from the Master of Evolution as it has been moved into the Weapon Evolution skill Fixed an error with Weapon Evolution on Summoner Weapons Added Vicious Rod to Vicious Emblem exchange Removed Stasis from Possessed Poring Fixed Baby Dragon Hat Fixed Vicious Reset not being weight 1 Updated MCA to the latest cards Updated OCA to the latest cards Pre-Renewal Added Bronze Coin exchange to the Lucky 3 Slotmachine in Pre-Renewal Raised the chance for Worlddrop items to drop by roughly 5 times Added World Boss Box 1~5 to Lucky 3 Slotmachine
  7. Renewal & Pre-Renewal Added 2 Easter Eggs on every map with a respawn timer of 60 seconds. [ These mobs drop a special useable item ] Fixed a map-server crash cause Added a safety measure to Sealed Monster Renewal Fixed Malangdo Culvert wrongly warping out Fixed Gramps not using the players EXP rates Fixed the Bounty Boards not using the players EXP rates Fixed a bugged portal in Eden Changed @specialslot to allow multiple spins on the old at once, aswell as an option to get all rewards sent by mail Added additional drops to the Chrono's Realm Instance (Limited) HD Bradium (Limited) HD Carnium Limited Enriched Oridecon Limited Enriched Elunium Pre-Renewal Changed Valor Badge, War Badge to be tradeable Fixed Undead Assault's 5th wave does not exist
  8. Hello everyone! I apologize for the bug in the Lucky 3 - Slotmachine. The correct +20% chance rates are now applied and a compensation NPC has been added on both Renewal & Pre-Renewal. You can redeem it on both, not just one.
  9. Renewal & Pre-Renewal Added 20% extra success chance to Lucky 3 until 9th of April Corrected a wrong hourly announcement Added Ranged Critical Chance to @battlestats Renewal Added mobs to all verus maps Fixed a bug in Sky Fortress & Room of Consciousness Changed Renewal ASPD calculation according to kRO OLD aspd = base_aspd + flat_aspd; aspd = aspd + stat_aspd + status_aspd * agi_bonus; aspd = (193 - aspd) * percentage_aspd_bonus + aspd; NEW aspd = base_aspd + stat_aspd + status_aspd * agi_bonus; aspd = (195 - aspd) * percentage_aspd_bonus + aspd; aspd = aspd + flat_aspd; base_aspd: The character's base ASPD value including the current weapon. flat_aspd: Flat ASPD bonuses gained from items. status_aspd: The ASPD bonuses from pots and skills (affected by AGI). agi_bonus: The AGI bonus is AGI/200 (0 AGI does remove status_aspd bonuses). percentage_aspd_bonus: Percentage bonuses such as a Doppelganger Card. The stat ASPD formula has also changed depending of the weapon type: For Bows, Guitars, Whips, Revolvers, Riffles, Gatling Guns, Shotguns and Grenade Launchers: √(dex²/7 + agi²/2) / 4 Any other weapon: √(dex²/5 + agi²/2) / 4 The following base ASPD will be modified as well: Class Weapon/Armor Change Class Weapon/Armor Change Wizard Shield 138 to 148 Arch Bishop Shield 146 to 151 Knight Two-Handed Spear 131 to 136 Royal Guard Two-Handed Sword 147 to 143 Sage Shield 141 to 151 Sorcerer Two-Handed Staff 151 to 141 Dancer Unarmed 160 to 156 Minstrel Bow 146 to 147 Whip 155 to 151 Instrument 151 to 152 Shield 153 to 149 Wanderer Bow 146 to 147 High Magician Shield 136 to 146 Instrument 151 to 152 Professor Shield 141 to 151 Shadow Chaser Shield 151 to 152 Lord Knight Two-Handed Spear 131 to 136 Sura Shield 153 to 151 High Wizard Shield 138 to 148 Genetic One-Handed Axe 145 to 148 Soul Linker Dagger 156 to 146 One-Handed Mace 151 to 152 Two-Handed Staff 143 to 141 Warlock Two-Handed Staff 146 to 140 Shield 138 to 148 Shield 146 to 151 Gunslinger Shield 140 to 150 Rune Knight Two-Handed Spear 144 to 138 Rebellion Unarmed 146 to 152 One-Handed Spear 138 to 136 Shield 140 to 152 Two-Handed Axe 136 to 144 Riffle 141 to 142 Ranger No changes - Gattling Gun 148 to 149 Mechanic No changes - Shotgun 121 to 122 Guillotine Cross No changes - Grenade Launcher 116 to 117 Kagerou/Oboro No changes - Revolver 146 to 147 Summoner No changes - Classes using bows and gunslingers' weapons will notice a drop in their ASPD. The flat ASPD bonus that is now applied at the end of the formula rather than the beginning, meaning they will have a much larger impact. You no longer need a 100% ASPD bonus to reach the max ASPD from percentage reduction. Max ASPD is still 193, despite the formula using 195 as a base. Pre-Renewal Removed EXP penalty from World Boss map Fixed Splendide Box being an unknown item
  10. Renewal & Pre-Renewal Added droprate event to 30x until 9th of April Added bonus cashpoints until 9th of April ( 1$ = 1,500 CP ) Added level ranges to the Referral system to make the rewards delivery more smooth Fixed correct display of multi-hit critical attacks Fixed Fame list resetting when class changing Adjusted the CP price of all Specific Costume Treasures from 30.000 to 20.000 Added Silver Treasure Key to the Cashshop for 1.500 CP each Fixed a typo in the hourly cash points system Added Thanatos Tower into @warp again Reduced the spawn of Thanatos Tower 11, 12 by half Reduced the zeny value of Stone of Sage, Manteau, Garnet, Harp Disabled Society Raid and Dark Society from the Instance Manager menu, these can be entered through the normal NPC Adventurer Balin though. Renewal Updated Malangdo Enchants Lindy Hop is now enchantable Juliette de Rachel is now enchantable Sunflower Boy is now enchantable Implemented the Excelsion set ( verus04, 163 / 217 ) Implemented Excelsion Blueprints, enchants Pre-Renewal Boosted the level and stats in the Undead Assault events
  11. Renewal & Pre-Renewal Fixed Soul Contract not correctly applied to all characters Fixed Referral not applying a correct change Fixed Referral giving wrong item at 75 Renewal Fixed that not all Treasure Caches were openable Fixed Referral's Mentor Boxes not openable Fixed World Boss not correctly spawning at 250k kills Pre-Renewal Fixed Beelzebub not using metamorphosis
  12. Renewal & Pre-Renewal Costumes dropped by monsters! Added 423 different costumes to be dropped by 423 different monsters each at the rate of 0.01% For a full list of which monster drops what: Soul Contract - New skill! This skill allows you to form a contract with a monster. This will use your current monster soul, upon successful contract your monsters soul is removed and will be moved in a permanent contract spot. This spot can be overwritten by another contract at any point. This skill costs 1 Sealed Soul per cast, upon failure you'll only loose the Sealed Soul, not the monster. Fixed a crash cause Changed all World Gates to ask before swapping between servers. Added a 2 account limit for the hourly rewards Increased the limit of auto HP-loss from Fahrros from 5 to 10 player Fixed a bug that Fahrros would keep loosing HP even though no one is in the map Reduced the number of kills required to summon a World Boss from 500.000 to 250.000 The droprates have been permanently adjusted to 20x Changed Materialize Soul: - The skill does not require Sealed Souls to be casted anymore, however requires a contracted monster. Pre-Renewal Lucky 3 - Loot additions: Added Infinite Concentration Potion Added Infinite Awakening Potion Added Infinite Berserk Potion Added Monster Hunter Coin x10, x5, x3 Added Activity Coin x1, x3, x5 Added Poison Bottle Box ( 50 and 100 ) Added Acid Bottle Box ( 50 and 500 ) Added Gold Treasure Key Fixed the voting system to allow claiming in Pre-Renewal storage Fixed all pet eggs and pet equipment to work Fixed all blacksmith crafts Fixed dummys Fixed all mobs using correct PRE-Renewal skills Fixed Chrono Trigger Fixed the skill tree of Baby Knight & Baby Crusader while mounted Fixed a bug in the Realm of Chronos Fixed vending in Fortessa Fixed MvP Ladder Removed Nightmare Pyramid from the Warper Added a safety-check to the Safe Portal Event Added a safety-check to the Undead Assault Added Piercing Expert NPC to @go eden Removed Fox Ears from cashshop, they were not supposed to be in there. - Removed all Fox Ears from players and refunded the cashpoints. Renewal Lucky 3 - Loot additions: Added Gold Treasure Key Added Activity Coin x1, x3, x5 Added Monster Hunter Coin x10, x5, x3 Added High Upgrade to weapon lvl's based on iRO Refinement System for refines of +16 and above. Fixed Old Circlet of Bones Fixed Lindy Hop Fixed Sunflower Kid Fixed Shadow Reload set bonus Fixed Stefan to be Undead, Undead Lv 4 Fixed Weakened Stefan to be Undead, Undead Lv 4
  13. Renewal & Pre-Renewal Raised the EXP-rate cap from 30x to 100x Adjusted the beginner instance choice and @baserate & @jobrate with the new EXP cap Added 3 extra packets to remove ragnarok's "position lag" to update the real position of the char & monster to the client more frequently Reduced Blue Gemstone's cost in the special tool dealer Added a choice whether or not a Treasure Cache should be opened without a key Changed Gallium Treasure Key to be no longer tradeable, but storageable Fixed the skill tree of Baby Knight & Baby Crusader while mounted Adjusted @battlestats to now show you your correct drop chances aswell Adjusted @whodrops and @mobinfo to reflect the new drop bonus of the Advanced Looting System Refer a Friend Added a referral system to Shining Moon. How does this work? Any account that registers on your link counts as referred player. When your referred player reaches level 75 you and the referee will both receive 1000 cashpoints. When your referred player reaches level 90 you and the referee will both receive a reward ingame. When your referred player rebirthes and reaches level 25 you and the referee will both receive a reward ingame. When your referred player rebirthes and reaches level 99 you and the referee will both receive a reward ingame. Whenever your referred player recharges any CP you'll receive 10% of the total value. These rewards exluding the CP bonus are one time per referee. All rewards are automatically sent by roDEX mail. Advanced Looting System Upon reaching max level* it'll check the rates you've been using to reach the maximum level. Depending on the rates used you might receive a permanent bonus to looting for your character. These rates stack together with a bubble gum but are not boosted by a bubble gum. This rate is a constant and is automatically applied to commands such as @mobinfo, @whodrops. You automatically receive an icon upon reaching the maximum level, which shows you the permanent loot bonus. However, if the bonus is 0, you'll not gain any icons. This special drop bonus is a very rewarding method based on effort. *This will only work if the class has been rebirthed and / or is the last possible class for a class tree. Example: This will not work on a Knight but a rebirthed Baby Knight or Lord Knight. However it'll work on a max-level Star Gladiator and such. Pre-Renewal All mapflags in the styling room ( @go styling ) have been fixed Every itemshop has been fixed Fixed all attack speed potions now showing its effect when using it Fixed all infinite attack speed potions now checking the correct class and level Fixed the warps to the automated events to now work correctly Fixed Seiyablem to all positions he should be at Increased the level range from the Soul System regarding sealing a soul from +-15 to +-25 Increased the level range for World Drops from +-20 to +- 30 Increased the chances for World Drops Removed Special Lucky 3 fully, added all contents to the Lucky 3 Added 8 missing hats to the cashshop Fixed @whereis to now show the correct mob locations Fixed the skill descriptions of Soul Control and Soul Forge Fixed that babies could not wear transcended equipment Reduced the Job-EXP's chart of baby classes by roughly 60 million exp~ Removed all restrictions to all food's from the Lucky 3 Slotmachine Removed all restrictions to Token of Siegfried, Gyp Pass, Kafra Card Removed all restrictions from all cashshop hats Removed the level restrictions to equip the item of all cashshops hats Removed the empty LHZ Dun 04 from the Warper Added dummys to fortessa Fixed hotkeys disappearing when doing Fahrros
  14. Renewal & Pre-Renewal Fixed all custom hairstyles Added BGM for Fortessa Fixed Branch Room not working through the Instance Manager v2 Fixed 3 missing pictures when using the Information Board Adjusted the Baby Picture in the beginner instance to remind you of babys requiring job 70 to rebirth Fixed missing sprite files for Baby Crusader using 2 hand swords when riding a peco Fixed Cache Mimic - 2nd Tier giving 3rd Tier caches Fixed Cache Mimic - 3rd Tier giving 2nd Tier caches Pre-Renewal Fixed all maps to use original BGM's Fixed some items not working for crafting Fixed Elunium, Oridecon and Emperium not working in the Refinement UI Fixed Gift Buff Set Fixed all Pre-Renewal cards causing a crash when pressing View Added a compensation NPC with a compensation for everyone above Lvl 90 regarding the Battle Manual fix in the last patch ( This NPC will last until the 25th of February and will work even if you reach Level 90 within the next 7 days, however it's limited to once per person )
  15. Maintenance was finished.
  16. Treasure Cache System The Treasure Cache system is designed to focus on level tiered equipment, headgear certificate acquisition, and useful cards and consumables. How: Defeat Cache Mimics while adventuring. Use the treasure caches they drop and a Key. Alternatively you can use the Treasure Cache without a key to have a chance to obtain a Bronze Treasure Key Keys: Gallium Treasure Keys provide one roll on the reward table but are limited to consumables, weapons, armor, or cards and only work in the level range of the Tiers. Bronze Treasure Keys award one roll on the reward table when opening a treasure cache. Silver Treasure Keys award two rolls on the reward table when opening a treasure cache. Gold Treasure Keys award three rolls on the reward table when opening a treasure cache. Key Sources Gallium These will drop from the Cache Mimics. These keys have specific and limited functionality as they are designed to help leveling characters and give them some use for Treasure Caches. Gallium Treasure Keys can only be used on treasure caches appropriate to the players level range. See below for tier levels. Gallium Treasure keys will not work on any Tier when a player is above level 91. These keys will only roll on the consumable, armor, weapon, or card table. Bronze MVPs World Drop Chance when using Spiritual Energy Monster Hunter Silver Very rare MVP drops World Drop Activity Coins Lucky 3 Slotmachine Golden Endless Tower Instance Points MvP Arena low chance Tier 1 Treasure Cache Pre-Renewal (Level 1 to 33) - Renewal (Level 1 to 60) The Tier 1 Treasure Cache is designed with low end levels in mind. The armor, weapons, and cards are best utilized by low level characters. The consumables are generally potions. For higher level characters it provides a pool of Tier 1 headgear certificates, a limited pool of Forgery Tokens, a range of low end cards, and a small chance at a Blank Certificate. Tier 2 Treasure Cache Pre-Renewal (Level 34 to 66) - Renewal (Level 61 to 99) The Tier 2 Treasure Cache is designed with mid levels in mind. The armor, weapons, and cards, are best utilized by mid level characters. The consumables offer primarily offensive items with a few support options. For higher level characters it provides a pool of Tier 1 and 2 headgear certificates, a larger pool of Forgery Tokens, a range of different mid-tier cards, and an increased chance at a Blank Certificate. Tier 3 Treasure Cache Pre-Renewal (Level 67 to 99) - Renewal (Level 100 to 175) The Tier 3 Treasure Cache is designed with high levels in mind. The armor, weapons, and cards, are best utilized by high level characters. The consumables offer a variety of useful endgame items. It provides the full list of all headgear certificates, the largest pool of Forgery Tokens, a range of high tier cards, and the highest chance at a Blank Certificate. Other Updates Both: - Double drop rate event until 2018-02-28 11:59 PM - Changed @go 15 to warp to Konoha Village - Homunculus job exp - Homunculus will no longer autoloot in conjunction with mercenary - Removed "Dungeon Teleporter" announcement - Fixed Skill tree of Baby Crusader - Fixed Skill name's of autocasts in @battlestats - Fixed Display of Skill chances below 1% in @battlestats - Added Forgery Token exchanger - Added 36 Headgear Quests - Changed Character Select showing headgears again - Removed Special Item obtaining announcing in both servers Pre-Renewal: - Cashfood cooldown - Society Raid not applying correct changes when entering through Instance Manager v2 - Removed window from Teleport lvl 1 - Fixed warp to Yuno fild 11 and 12 - Added Item description for all Pre-renewal items to be loaded when online on Pre-renewal - Fixed a bug with Job changer Elaine - Fixed missing BMP of moc_para01, [email protected], [email protected] - Fixed Izlude - Added Costume Treasure to the Cashshop - Added Costume Backpacks to the Cashshop - Fixed Fahrros not mailing the rewards - Fixed Battle Manual not stacking properly with custom EXP rates - Fixed Bubble Gum from Leveling Box - Fixed Realm of Chronos Bombring dealing too much melee damage - Added NPC in fortessa for the costume garment Renewal: - Fixed Heimhunter in @go market
  17. Server-Type: Both - Fixed certain costume's giving defense - Fixed certain costume's having a slot - Fixed a server crash caused by clan feature - Updated all Specific Costume Treasures to reflect all custom costumes - Fixed Daily Calendar not showing - Fixed a 0 EXP number to cause an overflow - Adjusted Beginner Instance to give baserate & jobrate 1x, can be changed at any point. - Limited all server hairstyles to default 25 for now until client bug is resolved - Adjusted EXP calculation, removed EXP Manuals from initial formula calculation and changed it to apply to the player rate and not the original 1x mob exp. - Fixed a client crash caused by bodystyle when moving between Renewal & Pre-Renewal Server-Type: Pre-Renewal - Added Launch Events - Fixed double attack - Fixed a crash with warping to Glastheim Castle, - Fixed a wrong warp when warping to Glastheim Churchyard - Fixed achievements not mailing the reward - Fixed Soul Pulse, Soul Shatter and Soul Control - Fixed a wrong number in the Automated World Boss - Added the repeatable iRO quests - Repeatable EXP Quests
  18. Finished.
  19. Maintenance will be finished in roughly 3hrs and 20 minutes.
  20. Server Launch of Pre-Renewal on 09th of February 2018. 06:00 PM PST > Countdown to Launch < Information about Pre-Renewal: EXP Rate: Up to the player. Uses personal EXP rates up to 30. Item Rate: 10x Card Drop: 0.1% MvP Card: 0,04% Max ASPD: 190 Max Stats: 99 Custom Features of Pre-Renewal: Soul System Class Change Homunculus Daycare MvP Ladder Arena Spiritual Energy World Boss World Drops World Gate Monster Hunter All features have been adjusted to work for Pre-Renewal and had their stats changed according to it. These changes only apply for Pre-Renewal and have no change to the Renewal side. And a lot more, check > Wikipedia < Renewal & Pre-Renewal ( Combination Server ) Seperated:- Inventory, Storage, Guild Storage, Cart, roDEX, Pets, Homunculus- Achievement, Quests, - Characters, Zeny, Bank, Venders, BuyingstoresShared:- Guilds & Guild Chat, Party & Party Chat [ Messages are shown / sent no matter where the player is ]- #support, #global [ #Support adds an extra PRE or RE tag to the Name ]- Whispers, Friends Other ( Both Servers ): - Added @baserate and @jobrate ( Allows you to customize your own EXP-rates, this will ignore server rates. Maximum is server's default rate of 30. ) - Added @storage <1-5> ( requires Call Storage skill ) - Added @disable_headgears ( Disabled the view of Headgears on yourself and others around you for yourself only ) - Added new icons above some NPC's in the Main Office - Added new Information board to the Main Office - Adjusted Refinement UI to allow the enchanting and resetting of costumes - Adjusted Refinement UI to use different materials in Pre-Renewal - Changed Weapon Refine to Equipment Refine ( Allows you to refine armors with the Whitesmith skill now too. ) - Fixed a bug with Homunculus Daycare - Added a new Instance Manager to the UI - Updated Client to 2017-06-14b - Updated all client files to reflect the change above - Added World Gates to all towns - Fixed Materialize Soul's monster attack to reflect player stats - Added website options for Pre-Renewal & Renewal - Added Wikipedia options for Pre-Renewal & Renewal - Fixed a bug regarding daily Moonlight Coins - Added #global to Channel Master - Changed Beginner Instance to newest changes - Added all Hairstyles, Hair colors, Cloth colors to the Dress Room - Added all NPC's to Hugel - Changed the look of Fortessa and Prontera to work better with the new World Gate there - And alot more that I don't remember, when you find it, tell me so I can add it.
  21. What do YOU want to play? Renewal or Pre-Renewal? What if there's no need to choose between, but instead You can play what you feel like at a moments notice? What if you still want to keep in touch in-game with your friends / guild while playing either of the two? The project will be released on the 9th of February. That'll be the time when the Pre-Renewal side will be launched. The Renewal is based on 16.1 The Pre-Renewal is based on 13.2 The idea was to give players a much wider choice of things they can do, without limiting what can actually be done. So how does an actual swap between Renewal and Pre-Renewal would actually look like? Why is there a level-up angel when you swapped? Basically the client does not really like that all the data it had on your character is completly different prior to the warp, so client gets updated with the new information which basically looks like you're leveling up - but you don't. Seperated: - Inventory, Storage, Guild Storage, Cart, roDEX, Pets, Homunculus - Achievement, Quests, - Characters, Zeny, Bank, Venders, Buyingstores Shared: - Guilds & Guild Chat, Party & Party Chat [ Messages are shown / sent no matter where the player is ] - #support, #global [ #Support adds an extra PRE or RE tag to the Name ] - Whispers, Friends Example: You have a 175/60 Ranger named Shiro in Renewal, with 150 items in inventory, items equipped, skills, stats and a pet In Pre-Renewal you have a 99/70 High Priest with the name Shiro as well and 55 items in inventory, items equipped, skills stats and no pet The character select will display like above based on what you last played, but that can be changed at any point ingame using a World Gate. Can I party with someone from Renewal while I'm in Pre-Renewal? Basically, yes. To at least invite the other person you have to be on the server he / she is online on. Renewal & Pre-Renewal each have their own "world" with their own Monsters, Items, Maps, NPC's - however they're still connected. Both have the server's custom features however they might differ based on what you're playing. Example: Pre-Renewal does not use the servers Weapon Evolution feature, as it is pretty obsolete there. What if my friends prefer to play lowrate while I play midrate though? No need to worry about that either. We have added @baserate + @jobrate which allows you to specify your own rates up to the Server's default rate. A player's own rate ignores the server's default rate and let's you play with anyone you want with a rate of your own choosing. Any rate can party with each other, however the EXP you gain depends solely on your own rates, even if someone with another rate kills a monster. What if my friends don't like custom Wings / Headgears while I love them? Well we have added @disable_headgears which automatically disables every headgear shown on yourself and others around you. They can still see their own, only the view for yourself was adjusted. [ This can be good to reduce lag caused by the clients sprite rendering of Headgears, since every movement of the player causes it to update the Headgears to the client. ]
  22. MvP Ladder Is a new custom feature that allows you to create an instanced version of an MvP Arena for either solo or party mode. Every week a random MvP is chosen for Solo and Party. The Arena is about fighting a single MvP in 10 different levels, each time the MvP will get stronger. Inside this map the MvPs will not drop any loot or reward any EXP. With each completed wave you have a 3% chance to obtain a Badge. This is a new kind of item. It only needs to be in the inventory to grant its effect and only works while it has time duration left. Every completed level of the Arena will grant you additional time for your badge. For 2.500.000 zeny you can exchange the badge currently in your possession to another while keeping the time it currently has. These items display their time in the description. Once the item has its time expired it will simply stop working, finishing new waves gains you new time. There is no limit to creating and finishing waves for solo and party. However there is an requirement of 1.000.000 zeny per creation of solo and 10.000.000 zeny per creation of the party version. Solo version: Party version: King of Emperium Is a new PvP oriented event. Automatically starts everyday at 08:00 AM and 08:00 PM You can join the event by typing @kingofemperium The main objective is to defeat the Emperium ( 2000 HP ) before anyone else. You can either join solo in a party or with up to 6 party members. Each party have a specific spawn point. There are 7 different spawn points but different parties can spawn on the same space. The area around the spawn point is a neutral area, you cannot fight there. Each spawn point contains a Kafra, Healer, Special Tool Dealer, Rental NPC and an Exit NPC. Killing the 6 guardians around the Emperium will reward you with 1x Valor Badge, 1x War Badge at 100% chance. They also drop 1 WoE Weapon Supply Box (12675) at a 10% rate and a WoE potion box at 30% rate according to the guardian type. Archer Guardians drop Siege Violet Potion Box (12676), Knight Guardians drop Siege White Potion Box (12679), and Soldier Guardians drop Siege Blue Potion Box (12680). Participating in the event rewards everyone with 50 Valor Badges and 50 War Badges. Winning this event will reward the winning party ( solo or up to 6 ) with 3 WoE Participation Rewards. On this map there is a bounty system included. Whenever you reach a certain threshold of kills without dying you automatically get a bounty set on your head. This will reward the person that kills you with Valor and War Badges based on the number of kills. Activity Achievements We have added 62 Daily and 12 Weekly Activity Achievements. A total of 74 new achievements. These achievements are account-wide. Upon finishing them you'll receive 1 Activity Coin for a Daily and 3 Activity Coins for a Weekly Achievements. The Daily achievements reset everyday at 00:02 server time. The Weekly achievements reset every Monday at 00:02 server time. You can redeem these coins in the 2nd floor of the main office for items. The rental weapons are automatically refined to +10 and last 7 days. These coins cannot be dropped, traded, vended. World Boss When a world boss spawns you'll now see a small window in the bottom right corner. This window will persist through teleportation & map change. Once the world boss dies this window will automatically disappear. You can now use @worldboss to enter the world boss map from anywhere. Fixes - Fixed Homunculus Daycare - Corrected Chain Lightning behavior - Updated Homunculus Walk behavior to be more alike official servers - Updated Sorcerer's Insignia to grant now the correct buffs and bonuses - Corrected Crimson 2h Staff description - Fixed a missing Materialized Check on Undead Assault - Fixed a variable not being cleared after Undead Assault - Fixed a missing check for Undead Assault and Christmas World Boss regarding NV Basic - Renamed Sealed Amon Ra to Nightmare Amon Ra - Corrected size damage showing in @battlestats - Added a better date check to Eden Marketplace - Fixed Pecopeco Hairbands item script Other - Removed WoE Supply Box from ESL Hat - Added Notification to World Boss spawns / alive - Removed Idle check in battleground - Removed @reportafk from battleground - [ These 2 can bug the whole battleground and make it stuck ] - Changed max level to 175 for every class
  23. Server is down for maintenance - estimated downtime: 2 hours. We apologize for the inconvinience. ----------------------------- Finished.
  24. Hello. I would like to ask where can i get crimson weapons? Wiki says that they have special drops not affected by the rates but Database on webside dont shows them in drop tables of monsters suggested by wiki. At least not for mace. Im on the phone right now and cant /whodrops it in game😜
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