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Vending Items Of [Lavende Dora]

Lavender Dora

fortessa, 244, 160

ID Name Refine Slot Card0 Card1 Card2 Card3 Price Amount
25786 A collection of papers...
There is no information that can be known by itself, but if you collect more, you may be able to figure it out.
Weight: 0
Somatology Research Document None None None None 95 000 z 4395
6417 Sunkissed Silvervine Fruit. Humans think that it is normal and tastes bad but it is valuable in Malangdo.
Use these as currency to exchange for access to memorial dungeons and to exchange for enchanting A-E grade coins with the Special Vending Machine and Coin Exchanger in Malangdo.
Weight: 0
Silvervine Fruit None None None None 418 750 z 61